Putting Pen(cil) to Paper.

Following the market research we did on both Orangebox and Bisley it was now time for us to choose the brief that we wanted to continue further, we had the opportunity to do this a week in advance as Richard suggested it was a good idea.

I decided to continue with the Orangebox brief, this is what I have had my eyes on since we first heard of the two. I believe that with this brief I know the limitations more so than Bisley which seemed very open to interpretation without much to go on.

So! Lets get onto the concepts.

We were tasked with coming up with six unique table designs, for this task I used the ergonomic templates from Part II. I believe that these templates allowed for the designs to have some perspective. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with these complex designs that used a lot of specialised mechanisms but after a while I just thought able the manufacturing process for the table and how difficult it would be to assemble. Following this thought I began to research into the simplest ways for adjusting the height of a table, I settled on using clamps, these are easily assembled and can be disassembled just as easily whilst keeping the functionality.

Below are the concept designs showcasing the six designs:


Within small groups of around five we were asked to then present our designs and talk about each individual one, from this task I found that the general consensus was that there were two outstanding designs that were liked and they were chosen for scale modelling.

Chosen Two Designs.png

Following this we were instructed to gather a host of equipment for the following session where we will be making 1:5 scale models of our two chosen designs. I have never tried scaling for models so this could be difficult for me, I find it a lot easier to product 1:1 scales as I am comfortable with the size of the product.

Who knows, it could be fun.

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