Manufacturing Processes – Injection Moulding

Another Lecture. Another Manufacturing Process.

This week we discussed the process of Injection Moulding, this is used to make products from remote controls to casings for machinery. I learnt a lot from this lecture, I learnt of the advantages and disadvantages for this process, which materials were best suitable and how critical it is for the mould design to be correct in order for the product to successfully come together.

Below are the multiple presentations we were shown on the process:





A part of this lecture saw us taking a look at some parts that were injection moulded, we were asked to then find the major details we discussed like the injector pins on the part. Following this, as a small activity we were asked to sketch an accurate drawing of the part showing the external and internal shell, I found this rather tedious because of the amount of detail that was showing in the interior part. I am not overly happy with the outcome of the sketch but I guess it gets the point across, not the point, but still.


At the end of the lecture we were tasked with finding an object from inside our own homes that was injection moulded and sketching the exterior and interior components by the 1st of November. As we had Field fast approaching I took it upon myself to try and get this task completed before the field project even began, I did so and this is the outcome. This controller took me a few attempts to finally become satisfied with the general shape and perspective of the product. I believe that as I was given more than 20 minutes to come up with a sketch I was able to look into more detail and then add that to the sketch.

I still have a lot more to improve on in terms of getting the most detail possible and being more efficient with my time. I hope to achieve this in the future following more of these tasks…Fingers crossed more of these tasks are set.

The PlayStation 4 Controller Sketch (below):


Reference Image Below:

Reference Image - Ps4.jpg

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