All Falling into Place 2.0

Well I did have this post finished but something happened where I lost everything that I said….how infuriating. I guess this will be completely different to the now lost post.

Lets get on with it.

Starting off on Tuesday. We began the afternoon by being split into groups of around five, making sure that all of the members were doing the same brief as each other. We were asked to showcase the orthographic projections, the storyboard and the scale model to the group and then within one minute just explain the design and what processes would be involved for the making of this table.

Now I really enjoyed this small activity because it allowed me to have some outside perspective on my design, what kind of things work and what needs some work. The one disadvantage to this task was that the other members were friends of mine, this means that there is a possibility that they do not fully critique my work because they may ‘hurt my feelings’. I get that. I hope the comments I got were honest and nothing was left out because in the end it is only harming my development of this table design.

The task set to us on Tuesday for the following week was to have a further developed scale model but prior to beginning the model we were told to speak with Richard just so we could go over a few things.

Now this is where things start to get a little confusing for me.

We have been asked to get another scale model made for Tuesday…the same Tuesday where we will be heading to Bisley for a tour of their facilities. Hmm. Interesting.

On top of that, we received an email telling us that all of the Product Design lecturers will be attending a workshop on Monday and that attendance was crucial. How it was explained to me, essentially like a grenade going off on the work that we have done so far, taking everything apart and putting it back together with the new ideas generated from the lecturers.

This just adds to the confusion, if our designs are going to be completely torn apart and then glued together again (figuratively) then we only have less than around four hours to come up with an accurate scale model?

Whilst reflecting back over the past few weeks of this project I can’t help but think that this workshop would have been greatly needed around the time we were coming up with our six initial designs for the chosen brief, with the help of the lecturers we could have stripped these ideas to the bone and really looked at the designs in depth, these six designs could then have been very strong candidates for further developing.

Nevertheless I am actually very intrigued to see how this workshop turns out, I hope to leave having a very strong design, preferably not completely changed to then go forward with into the following week.

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