Stress Levels OVER 9000!!

This post follows two weeks of progress…

The deliverables emailed to us on the 14th for the following day with Richard were:

  • An Appropriately Scaled sketch Model

  • An A3 Visual representation of your designs aesthetic qualities…..this needs to be an in-situ drawing (or photo montage) of your design in its chosen environment, i.e the BBC.

  • An A3 Visual representation of your design’s usability factors, this might be in the form of a story board

  • An A3 A rendered technical drawing, showing the design’s main elevations.

I had some major difficulty in producing a scale model that I was happy with showing, I began by trying to create a mould that could serve as a bed for acrylic to form to whilst it was still flexible but that did not go so well. Following this failure I then focused on attempting to make the curve using cardboard, yes really, cardboard. What a mistake that was.

The model I put together frankly, was embarrassing and it was not going to be presented to Richard. Leaving the making to the day before probably wasn’t a good idea on my part. Whilst speaking to Richard about my design a few days ago, he mentioned a clever way I could produce an ergonomic drawing, he suggested I had the table in the middle of the page with both the vertical figure drawing and the horizontal drawing on the same page. I am quite pleased with the outcome and it is certainly a very good idea.

It is a shame we were not able to present what we had done

On the Tuesday Morning we received the deliverables for our end of term assessment, this included information on what we would need to present to both Richard and Paul and what they will be marking each of us on during the presentation.

The deliverables:

  • A Maximum of 3 x A3 Presentation Boards + 1 x Final Presentation A1 Board.

High Quality, Print Ready PDF Files. Landscape or Portrait.

The Presentation should describe thoroughly:

  • The Key Insights.
  • Research Findings.
  • A Demonstration of Design Thinking and Original Ideas.
  • Manufacturing Thinking and Production Efficiencies.
  • Material Selection and Design Details.
  • Final Concept Proposal and Benefits.

The full list of deliverables can be seen below:


Moving on from this we were told that Angela Gidden would be visiting to take a look at all of our designs, we were told that we would get one minute to talk about our designs and that it was essential to bring all of following to the presentation:

  • Your Ideation, – Concept development sketch sheets, in sequential order (numbered)

  • A3 Bisley and Orange Box documents

  • A4 Client document.

  • Any in-situ visuals (images showing your Furniture in use in a typical BBC environment)

  • Any technical drawings showing the main elevations, and design details

  • Scale models.

So much work to showcase in one minute..

What did I bring to the presentation?

Well I gathered all of the work I had done up to that point in time, went through it all and picked out the pieces I was most pleased with, this included the A3 Bisley and Orangebox documents, the A4 table description document, and one in-situ image.

I did not want to present my scale model to Angela because frankly I was embarrassed at the quality of it, it was not to the standards that I set myself personally so I felt it was in my best interests to not showcase it.

All of which are showcased below:




The initial in-situ

How did the presentation go?

Well..not how I expected it to go, that is for sure. Following my poorly structured one minute presentation Angela gave me her feedback, she told me that my table did not fit the brief that was given to me. It was advised that I go back and read the brief over once more because my table was not height adjustable but height adaptable, this took me back a little, I guessed that they would not like my table design but not that it did not fit the brief at all.

What else could I do after that?

Well following everyone’s presentations with Angela, Richard came into the studio and gave a summary of what he witnessed during the presentations, he spoke of lack of preparation which was correct on my part, I think I could have prepared a bit more for when I spoke, he also spoke about going back to read the brief again to double check that the designs being produced were fitting to what was asked.

After this small talk Richard stayed in the studio to answer some questions that students may have, I asked him how this design could not answer the brief and he agreed that he thought it did but he also reminded me that the client is always right with what they want and if they do not want the style I designed then I would have to change it.

Back to concepts!…but not for long…

I quickly began to sketch new ways in which I could change my design in the smallest way possible to fit the brief in the conventional way that the BBC seem to want. It did not take me long to come up with a new addition to the design that way both functional kept to the original design.

Apologies for the hairy lines


Following these initial sketches I continued for the rest of the day with refining the idea until I thought it was perfect. On the Tuesday Richard told the group that their would be a group of Masters students coming around the studio to give their insight into the project and our designs, the thinking behind this, perhaps a new perspective of the design could allow for development of the design.

I felt like I could learn something new from a small talk with the masters students, I spoke with one guy and the first question he asked me was ‘what did they think of the design?’ and I told him that it did not fit the brief, he was a little surprised as he also thought that it did. I discussed the new addition to my design and he suggested I take a look into a trestle mechanism, this idea saved my design instantly.

Show image of further development + Caption

In the evening I spoke again with Richard about using a trestle and he was not so keen on the idea, we discussed different ways in which the table could adjust in height and lock into place and we finalised an idea following some sketches. The idea that we discussed was as depicted in the sketches below:

Sketches by Richard

Falling out of love with a design

The one reason that I really loved my initial design was because of how simple it was when compared to my peers’ work. I did not want to over complicate my table design but the BBC seem to have forced my hand in the matter. Looking back to the guest lecture from Prof. Steve Gill and where he told us not to design for ourselves, I think about that now and question how the motivation for designing is sustained if the product being designed does not excite or intrigue the said designer. Perhaps this is just a learning curve and I will begin to understand it more as I develop.

On to developing the table


The final sketch before beginning CAD

Following on to the end of Tuesday, this is where I began to make to CAD parts of my design, this took longer than I first thought it would due to calculating the dimensions of the boards, the size of the dovetail slots and the holes included. It has taken me from Tuesday to Sunday afternoon to fully complete my CAD file for the final presentation boards and I am quite pleased with the outcome of my table, it completely fits the brief that was given to us and it also has aspects of Orangebox within the design, especially the legs which were inspired by a range of tables from Orangebox.

What happens next?

From now until the 6th of December I will be continuing to finish the deliverables set to us for our end of term presentation.

  • 1 x A3 Mood Board
  • 1 x A3 Design Thinking Board
  • 1 x A3 Manufacturing and Material Selection Board
  • 1 x A3 Technical Drawing Board
  • 1 x A1 In Situation Board
  • An Accurate 1:5 Scale Model

Currently I am about 90% done with the Mood Board but now that the table has been created in CAD it makes it easier for me to finish the other boards. One day will need to be set aside to complete the scale model to a high quality, I have yet to schedule a day.



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