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I am finding it a little tedious differentiating the two groups..

What happened this week?

Normal Group

The week began with a Group C meeting, we discussed our findings from the task we set ourselves. From the notes that were made during the conversation I wrote them inside the journal that I have been keeping throughout this project.

Just an oil spill of information concerning the conversation from Martyn and Steve
Following a group discussion, Claire spoke of focusing on the ‘Bubble’ concept.

I thought it was an interesting concept, developing the idea of the bubble being used just for kinetic architecture and bringing it in for full connectivity. We took a look at technology currently existing to ground the idea, we focused some time of the Microsoft Hololens and what that is attempting to create, a digital environment co-existing with our ‘real’ environment.

What if we saw these things without the need for an uncomfortable helmet?

Perhaps an implant? Entirely Plausible.

An interesting technology that has great potential is ‘Nanotechnology’ and in particular ‘Nanomaterials’. During the talk by Stephen we watched a video for a concept mobile phone by Nokia named the ‘Morph’.


This was a concept from 2008…WHERE IS MY NOKIA MORPH!!??

As a group we set the task of thinking about the kind of society that would exist with this ‘bubble’ present. We would then come back on the 2nd of Feb to discuss and narrow down what this society is.

My thought process for this task was to think about the small things, what things would change and the implications of those changes. I questioned Martyn whether this idea had to be positive or if it could be harmful for the world in which it is set, he explained that many things have a lot of negatives when compared to the positives.

A Few Ideas
Page 42 + 43.jpeg
A more interesting conversation.

I believe that the one problems that the group faced was finding a ‘trigger’.

What caused this world to change, to welcome this technology?

as you can see I had a few possible answers but they did not seem to answer the question with much ground or argument.

Because we can!‘ yeah alright mate. try again.

During the 2nd as a group we discussed the deliverables that would be presented on the 16th. The idea was that each group would have a space where they would set up an exhibit of sorts.

  • 10-20 Second Video portraying the interaction between human and bubble.
  • 2 Images (Photoshopped) that show the bubble within this world. Grounding the idea.
  • A scale 3D location. Physically showing an environment and the bubbles (Made from crystal clear jello)
  • Advertisements/Manifesto Posters
  • 1000 Word Manifesto (The word count has been lowered to 300 minimum)

It was at this point where I began to feel a little useless with preparing the deliverables, both Claire and Sarah said they were happy with producing the posters and the short video and Tom the scale model.

I was stress free. This is a new feeling. I should be stressed.

This is all I know.

If I am stressed it means I am working.

Am I not working?

My last experience with a field project was extremely stressful, perhaps that bad experience conditioned me to think it was normal.

I have decided to give Tom a hand with the model so I do not feel as though I am hitching a ride of this project.

Moving on to Group C

Starting from the 25th of January…

Asa formed group Myself, Todd, Kayla and Tom sat down and began discussing the ideas we had and how we could develop them into a final ‘thing’.

Luckily Todd recorded the conversation and made it into a transcript.

We discussed a lot of different possibilities
A Continuation
WhatsApp Image 2017-02-10 at 11.41.36 (5).jpeg
This shows the input of Martyn and Stephen. This helped with guide us.

As we were formed into a separate group we were tasked with coming up with five or more ‘What If..’ questions that told of this society that this technology would be set within.

I set off straight away to try and grasp what would happen, what positives and negatives would happen although truth be told, a lot of these points were raised in the conversation that we had.

A few interesting points raised. playing God being one.

We met up again to discuss what the other members had come up with, a few more points were raised and added to my journal.

We were beginning to create this world.
A few ideas turned into the deliverables

As a group we were confident with the idea we had, a few more conversations took place where Todd suggested linking an existing company as the ‘head’ of this future world.

In terms of deliverables we agreed that having a normal group to work with meant that there could be a limit to what could be done for this presentation. We agreed that having a small list would allow for us to complete and then go forward with other possibilities.

  • An Advert/Video of the data collecting
  • Amazon images photoshopped – New product name ‘Pulse’
  • A morphed face to showcase the many expressions of one person
I had a lot of fun creating this

I believe that the images that stand out are the use of existing Amazon Echo products, i photoshopped this dust figure into the image and made it look at though there was a seperate gravity field surrounding the product. I am happy with the outcome of these images, as shown below:

“Oh Harold, You Never Could Cook”
“Hey Dad, What Music Do You Recommend?” ___ “Here, This was the song playing when I first met your Mother”
Amazon Echo Pulse - 2 - PSD.jpg
“Hey Honey, Do I Look Fat In This?” ___ “You Look Beautiful”

The presentation for our field project is the 16th and we have been told that we are able to create an exhibit to showcase our work, I believe this is an interesting way to present as it will not necessarily depend of the words of the group but what has been showcased.

I personally prefer this form of presenting.

Currently the 10th of February, both groups are progressing splendidly, some of the posters are ready for the 16th and just ened printing. The video for Group C is also complete but as of yet there is not link to the video, that will come shortly.

Both Claire and Sarah have said they would like to begin printing the posters they have created on Monday or Tuesday.

I believe the final post for this project will showcase all the goings on from start to finish, this will include a PDF of the journal i have been keeping and will be submitting for assessment.

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