Table Wars: Episode VI – Return of the BBC

It has returned!

The continuation of the BBC Project.

Along with the summative assessment at the end of the year I and a number of my peers have been selected for the competition. Now this does not mean that the work I do now till the 13th of February will be sent off, there is a final stage before hand where our work is looked at.

We have been asked to follow the sheet of information regarding the deliverables for the competition submission, this includes just 3 x A3 boards and the A1 board.

It has also been recommended that we follow our feedback from the first term to improve our work, this and the redesign of the boards.

I have already begun working on the templates for my submission, I still feel that the design I came up with prior to the final design was most favoured but I was told it did not fit the brief that was set.

At the end of the submission process I should have redesigned boards ready to be sent off, hopefully. I also hope to use the updated boards for the submission in the summer with the new scale model that is also required.

…Fast forward to the 10th of February…

A lot has happened with the BBC submission, the design has certainly changed.

I began editing the CAD file due to structural problems I had been putting off, since it was possible that my work would be sent to the BBC I wanted to change it..obviously. The one design change has come from the dovetail sliders, both design and material.

I took inspiration from the floating shelves that are inside many homes across the world, the idea of having a structural piece inside the surface or below it.

The new and improved inspiration board…I basically just changed the layout…


One aspect of this project that I have found really interesting is the jump in quality my work has done with the introduction of Keyshot. In the first term I thought that not having Keyshot renders would not change how my table looked but after using it for the past few weeks I can tell that I certainly quite wrong.

Here is where it gets interesting. Give me a Twirl.


After being put forward, to the second stage of this project I thought that it would be a big conflict with my Futures project but I have been able to schedule times for the work to get completed…Quite a few late nights have been spent in the studio rendering.


Feedback told me that the technical drawing needed to be more detailed. Your wish is my command.


I am quite pleased with the changes I have made to my boards, being able to change things makes you look back at past mistakes that you feel were made and having the opportunity to better that same work is refreshing.

I believe that the two boards that stand out the most are the Design Thinking and A1 Board. I have found that the inclusion of other devices allow for the table to look even more realistic, the look of it being used is especially appealing to me.

This is shown best on the A1 Board where the table has a Macbook on the lower surface and a notebook with pen and a tablet on the top surface.

The quality is awful but it was the only way to put the file on *flips desk*



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