Back to the /Futures/ – Part V

I am the Wobbler – Goo goo g’ joob


All of these images came out great.

All credit goes to Sarah and Claire

I have always tried to work very hard during the length of a group project but for the life of me presenting is really not my strongest attribute, for the presentation on the 16th I was hoping my fellow group members would do me a favour and present, which they did. I wrote a small, vague presentation script highlighting the key aspects of our idea so Tom, Sarah and Claire had little to no difficulty in answering the questions from Martyn and Stephen.

I am pleased with how things had gone, Stephen did ask a question referring to the term Wobblers (A name for the users of this bubble).

What do you call people who are not ‘Wobblers‘?

I think this is a really interesting question that I wish I had answered at the time, I believe we would call them Humans..this is due to the obvious evolutionary change that Wobblers would have experienced, going back a few days Martyn and Stephen began discussing the idea of bacteria and this bubble being made from ‘US’, an outer shell of our being.

If we were to become Wobblers this would surely mean we would have evolved from our previous generation? We are now a more advanced version. we all know how that turned out before?

Perhaps within this world there would be a differentiation between Human 2.0 and Human 1.0.

Would we separate ourselves from the un-evolved?

Just a thought.

Group C

The presentation for the second group went rather well I think, main speakers being Todd and Tom I think they both did great with explaining the concept and both Martyn and Stephen seemed to like it.

One comment from Stephen suggested there should be more humour added.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-16 at 21.33.18 (3).jpeg
We created an environment for the exhibit.

An interesting idea discussed was linked back to one of the first presentations in this project, we were shown images of a radio being the centre of the household within a certain time period, this got myself and Todd thinking about Frank (shown above)…could Frank become the centre of the household?

The Video presented Credit:

The Manifesto Credit:

In a society where we long for the people we have lost, we demand a way of communicating and connecting with life once taken from us.

We DEMAND to take control of DEATH.

We DEMAND a change to the definition of LIFE and DEATH.

Dust is the answer! We need to keep hold of the dust and the particles around us, they will be the key to bringing back the lives of people no longer with us. We want to be able to draw up the emotions and the characteristics, using the very ashes they have left behind to recreate a figure of their lives.

Imagine a place where you could be sat at home, being able to enjoy a movie or dinner with your favourite person who was lost to you. Don’t dream any longer about hearing their voice, or missing out on any of their little quirks.


With the Amazon Pulse this can all be accomplished, by the wave of your hand or the words in your voice you can say hello to relatives once lost.

Using the ashes of the person that was lost the Pulse can reanimate your loved ones, providing you with all the old comforts you so dearly missed.

Always getting smarter – the amazon pulse learns about the person’s emotions and characteristics before their passing, so that the reanimation is a life like to the individual as possible.

Sustain life for as long as possible with the long-lasting battery life function, recharge the battery and take your lost loved one on holiday, or a lovely walk in the countryside. Never lose them again with the plug-in adaptor, just keep the device plugged in and your loved one will last for ever.

Amazon pulse – You only live once (or as long as the battery lasts).


Where has the time gone?


So far within my time at university I must say that what I have experienced over the past four to five weeks has considerably opened my eyes to the world of design and the potential there is. Within the beginning weeks of my first year there were two projects that stood out for me, where i had learnt a lot, both being Theo Humphries’ ‘Critical Design Fictions’ and Stephen Thompson’s ‘Mobile 2050’. From these two projects I was informed that there was more to product design than sticking to briefs and creating ‘things’ that would only be thrown away at its end of life.

What has been learnt/adopted?


From this project I believe I am starting to understand the type of designer I want to be following my degree. I have begun to question the methods of teaching product design and the narrow focus there seems to be with using CAD to produce injection moulded ‘S***’, essentially. I noticed myself begin to question a lot of things more, both in terms of design and the human condition itself.

Why do we conform to this state of mind?

Why are we taught to conform and not explore the possibilities within design?

Why are we limited by a brief?

I have started to link a lot of the work I have done this year from the formative essay submitted in December to this and now the upcoming dissertation that is on the horizon.



I have always struggled to sit down and begin reading a book but it has slowly become an everyday activity for me, at the start of this project there were two twenty mil thick pieces of text that were available to everyone to sit down and read, I was lucky enough to nab one of them for myself since it looked as if there were not being read.

Hertzian Tales, for me, the most interesting

I have found that I am able to better explain myself and the ideas I have with the back-up from specific pieces of text.

Other books I have been reading:

Design as Politics – T. Fry

Speculative Everything – A. Dunne & F. Raby

Design Futuring – T. Fry

(I am lucky enough to be using these as references for the dissertation so I been able to kill to birds with one stone, so to speak)

The one difficulty that I do have with reading is then trying to explain what has been learnt, I currently just highlight pages and take down quotes that I find most intriguing. I feel as though highlighting or placing sticky notes to the side of a particularly interesting.

A few pages where notes have been made:

(Speculative Everything)
Does it look like I need to show evidence that I am reading?








I have realised from this project that field really can be a place of creativity with a vast amount of creativity available to learn skills that can be deployed within subject. I was a little sceptical about this project as I thought I may experience the same feelings as i had during the first term, a broken team, no collaborating…useless.

I have found the team(s) I have worked with to be fully engaged with the project, fully invested in creating something of worth. Communication has never been amazing with the initial group but it is as expected when strangers meet and begin to work together, towards the end I got the feeling that it had finally begun to normalise.

Having begun the project with all of these ideas, mapping the wall etc. I began to feel as though I was not pulling my weight with the team, to phrase it differently would surely make it unintelligible…without making something physical (contributing with ideas), it feels like that is not enough, there is no effort in contributing mentally.


What should be done with this newly found feeling?


Following this field project is a lovely 11 week project with attention completely on CAD..yay.

It has been said that this project is essential for product designers but I remember a conversation being had for a lecturer who spoke of meeting a brief he had hated, he just had a laugh with it…I think this could be the perfect opportunity for me to emulate this.

If I want to be employable when I leave this university (hopefully I will have a masters), I need to gain the skills that this project will teach me.

I keep questioning myself and who I want to be, do I conform and have these skills that would hopefully make me employable or do I following what I think I want with speculative design and possibly be completely unemployable?.

I look back to the first years presentation at the end of the third term, following my five minute talk about ‘Wreck-Less’ Richard spoke about liking the project but he also warned me and told me not to fully pursue ‘environmentally friendly’ ideas and to not be afraid of using mass manufacturing techniques. I am here now laughing at the prospect of using those techniques, I cannot think of anything worse than designing something that will be thrown away within the next year or two.

I believe the one great thing that happened with this futures project was the sense of freedom I had, this was discovered midway through the first week. The things that I must improve on is understanding, there were moments of the project were I felt a little lost with ideas, mostly occurring when things slowed down a little.

To sum this project up: Incredible





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