That’s..One Small Step for Man..

The time has finally arrived


The beginning of the dissertation..and..I am quite excited to begin.


A lot has happened prior to this post being published, many (many) notes to discuss.


On the 27th of January there was a short meeting with Sarah to discuss what ideas I had for the upcoming dissertation, it was also an opportunity to give the feedback forms back from the first term essay.

I had two ideas going in

  • Continuing from my first term essay but in far more detail to look at the psychology of design.

The Other

  • What would design look like in 2017 if Germany had won World War II?

Both of these subjects really interested me because I felt as though I had rushed my first term essay with vague conversation and little reference. The idea of re-writing the past into the present, for my dissertation, was first conceived when watching a Dunne and Raby video in the Futures project, a student of Anthony Dunne’ project centred on David Attenborough, wondered what would be designed if David had the same love for nature but instead of going into Cinema, he had become a designer.

Anthony Dunne talking about Critical Design:

The Attenborough Design Group @ 9:00

‘Counterfactual Histories’

…A few days following I spoke with Sarah and Martyn, it was suggested that instead of choosing a specific time in history I should choose a particular technology

Martyn began discussing the idea of ‘What if Tesla’s inventions, knowingly seized by the government, had seen the light of day and had be implemented into society?’

Following this discussion and a few conversations with lecturers and fellow peers it was realised that this subject was more suited towards the PhD….such a shame.

I dont believe that spending a year, whilst doing other projects, would fill the potential in this subject.

I began mapping out what possible technologies could be written about in this counterfactual paper, I came up with a list of about eight possible technologies

  • The Transistor
  • The Automobile
  • The Radio
  • Manned Spaceflight – Exploration
  • Airplanes
  • Plastics
  • Atomic Weaponry
  • Global Communications


Within the time frame of me discovering what subject I wanted to move forward with there were scheduled keynote lectures where there would be information concerning the dissertation, this meant we would be given the do’s and do not’s.

What information was absorbed?

Deliverable’s for the summer

  • 4000 word Dissertation Proposal
  • 1000 Constellation Reflection Blog – Also included in Proposal submittion


Keynote Lectures

Sarah Smith (Cath couldn’t make it) – General Deliverables and what needs to be done/included for summer

Ashley Morgan – Research, Research and Research – DO NOT USE GOOGLE. MetSearch Always. Peer Reviewed Journals etc. Begin Researching NOW.

Martyn Woodward – Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge – Do not use Google images. Have an answer to ‘why’ you are writing this paper. READ. RIGHT NOW.

Houston, We Have a Problem.

It is currently the 17th of February and I have done quite a lot of research for this dissertation, I have bounced around from three ideas

  • Tesla (I must wait)
  • Continuation of Critical Design (Really Tempting)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (A New Addition – Same basis as Tesla)

I decided to stick with da Vinci for the time being, I have read a lot of books surrounding the inventions and drawings by Leonardo with many references already drawing up, I do however have this part of me inside saying ‘It will take too long!’ to re-write around 400 years of history and technological advances, I think it would take far too long to map and begin researching. I do love the idea of changing out history to show what could have been.

Images of references and journal entries:



I believe that the best thing for me to do is discuss the ideas with my dissertation supervisor Sarah, this will allow me to get an understanding of what would need to be done with the ideas I have.

It is my understanding that the best subject to pursue would be extending my first terms essay, I am not completely sure yet as I know things are bound to change.





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