Following on from the freedom experienced with Futures I have been welcomed back into subject with a CAD CAMM project. One of the first things said during the opening presentation, product designers do not have freedom with the briefs they are given.


Looks like the chains have been slapped on within the first five minutes.


Let us continue to the much anticipated brief..

You are required to redesign the outer casing of a basic two-part, injection-moulded ‘hot glue gun’ in order to help maintain product sales by bringing it up to date, and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

You may choose any target market that you feel is appropriate for your design refresh.


Not the greatest product to re-design with freedom but I will certainly try to make it fun.

Especially with a concept in mind.

Time to WORK!

What has been done so far?

A Brief Explanation
How can I make this fun?
Back to basics
How can I create something…exciting?
Other purposes of this ‘Glue. Gun’


The Concept.

The Market.

The Product.

I started off this Tuesday asking myself ‘What is a hot glue gun?’, the essential purpose is to turn a solid stick of material, usually glue, into molten glue for Arts and Crafts or other environments. I wanted to focus on this concept, I spoke with a lecturer about my idea and it was suggested that I look at other products that use molten materials and one that was talked about was the act of dripping candle wax onto a person for pleasure.

Perhaps this is where I could make this project more entertaining and less formal.

After this I decided to begin market research. Within the brief it asked for the design of the glue gun to be changed to keep up with market sales whilst also enhancing the aesthetic appeal so I feel that the market of adult toys is perfect for adding another purpose for a hot glue gun, this could be the device used when people want to use hot wax.

I have begun the design stage for this product and I feel that the only way to move forward is to pursue the phallic shape but with no definitive detail. This feeds into the market in which I am designing for whilst still keeping the ergonomic shape.

Next weeks post will showcase the design that I will be moving forward with.


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