I spoke to Sarah, my dissertation supervisor about the problem I was having with deciding what I wanted to write about, she simply asked what I thought and what my gut was telling me, that being the critical design subject.

Going forward I spoke about my rough plan about how I would be attacking this subject, sticking with the idea of having the chapters like mini essays I titled five

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Politics
  • Cognition
  • Sustainability
A very rough look at the structure

During the first group meeting for the dissertation we were given the structure for the 4000 word proposal, it was suggested that the 2000 word minimum review of literature should be written first and the surrounding areas following that.

The Critique Structural Sheet

I felt the first weeks group meeting was very informative for all participants as we were able to discuss some literature that could be relevant for us all, I must admit that not much was helpful to me as I had already begun the reading and most of what was touched upon was already on my to do list.

Where do I begin!

Following the group meeting I spoke with Sarah again in the afternoon, we discussed some more recommended reading and this is what was extremely helpful, Dr. Ashley Morgan suggested I take a look at her reading list for her constellation from the first first where she looked at consumerism, some of the titles that I have yet to get around to reading are below:

  1. Consumer Culture, Identity and Well Being – Dittmar, H
  2. Understanding Material Culture – Woodward, I
  3. Consumer Culture and Postmodernism – Featherstone, M.

I also spoke with Theo Humphries about my idea and he took me to his book shelf and gave me a whole load of book titles that would be relevant, that truly helped me in getting the grounding for where to begin.

  1. Adversarial Design – Disalvo, C
  2. Speculative Aesthetics 
  3. Digital by Design – Trioka
  4. See Yourself Sensing – Schwartzman, M
  5. Design Noir – Dunne, A
  6. Hertzian Tales – Dunne, A

I am currently working my way through Design Noir and Hertzian Tales, along with books on sociology and politics within design.

Other books are also on the list, including some journals too.

(Once completed they will be added via PDF)

I felt that the only way to keep up with the workload I have set myself is to start dedicating my weekends to working, I have started to go to the library on Saturdays in order to read and make notes of key quotes that I believe will be relevant to the thesis I am writing.

My goal is to get the first draft of my 4000 word proposal complete before the 31st of March as I would like to get some feedback on my writing to double check things are not too confusing as I am a little conscious that I throw my ideas on a page all scrambled.

One problem that I seem to be having with this dissertation is looking too far into the future, I have been researching about my thesis and what I planned to be writing about yet I had not started the proposal. That has changed as I started that officially on the 25th of February, currently the 28th and I have around 2800 words so far, I am pleased with the progress.

Sarah suggested that with my dissertation I should include small projects that go along side the chapters, referring back to Cognitive Futures and the projects that I thoroughly enjoyed I believe that this will make the thesis more interesting and worth more to myself rather than just 10,000 words. I believe that even if the tasks are mainly illustrated, the images and theories will provide some thought-provoking context to what I will be speaking about.

God it feels good to just exhale words, blast them onto a page. get everything out there.

Currently half way through the proposal.

I am a little concerned with the 4000 word limit on this proposal, I have discussed four books so far and I feel like I will have no room to discuss the further reading that will be continued.

The next post will hopefully see the first draft being proof read, I would like to have quotes for ten books by that time which I feel is completely plausible with Subject being relatively stress-free so far.


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