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Following on from last week I continued to move forward with designing the hot glue gun.


I decided that with the project being formative I would be able to adventure into different avenues of design development. Looking back at the BBC Project and specifically the Orangebox site visit, the staff there said that they do not begin with sketch design development but jump straight into software to begin designing, I wanted to do the same seeing as some companies within industry do so.


I have completed the CAD Model ahead of schedule with the interior also complete which includes the structural pieces that keep the internal components stationary whilst in use.


I am currently working on the presentation boards that we are required to present, the best option I thought was to take the template from my submitted boards from the previous subject project.

Design Thinking + Research Board.jpg
Still in the editing stage


I plan to host the market research and designing thinking behind the keyshot renderings.


I like the close up shots that give some context of the detail behind the surface of the hot glue gun.


Some Screenshots from the development of this design:


The Shell of the Hot Glue Gun



A Close up of the ‘Cock It’ Hot Glue Gun



There was a skin option on keyshot….I may have taken advantage.
A small look at the interiors of the gun.



I did find the interior a little tedious to complete but after some minor hiccups it was sorted out.

The STL files for the CNC Machine are also complete, I found this difficult because of the Split feature on SolidWorks…it just would not work for me.

Images of the two STL files…both sides:

You know…screenshotting on a Mac is too difficult.
Enjoy the quality from a phones photograph


The Agenda for next week:

  • Submit the ‘STL’ file for the CNC machine
  • Presentation Sheet review + Feedback

With one complete I must now complete the two sheets .




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