Brief. Design. Solidworks. Model.

The four elements of a project.

Design Thinking + Research Board.jpg
A few things have changed from last weeks initial design layout.

So…the brief said two A3 Sheets…but if I can fit the deliverables on one…then what is the problem?


I made a back-up just incase this isn’t acceptable.

Cock It - Psd File. - Fully Assembled.jpg
The Back-up.

The introduction of the logo was a nice addition I feel.

(Located on the scrotum of the gun)

Cock It - Psd File. - Internal Visible - Assembled.jpg
A look at the interior of the ‘Cock-it’ Hot Glue Gun

I am pleased with the outcome of these sheets…I am a little confused as to why I am unable to use one sheet that will save ink…oh well.


What happens for the rest of the week.

Following on from the Tuesday evening presentation, we will be given feedback and I presume we will be told to improve the sheets ready for the Thursday presentation and feedback.

An Update.

I believe that I may be questioning the way in which Product Design is.

I have found countless times this year that if I want to get ahead in terms of work, I am constantly restricted by last minute rules that seem to go against what I have done.

An example within this project is the presentation sheets, as shown above.

I have wanted to stay ahead of my peers with all projects as I feel that high intensity working is always good for productivity. The deadline for the poster review was the 9th of March, I finished the sheets shown above around the 6th, with no said rules and demands for how the sheets needed to be presented I went with how I thought they should look, portrait as it allows for the product to be bigger in size and the grey background so it would not look so plain and boring.

We were emailed on the 7th of March telling us about a word document that we needed to adhere to for the presentation sheets.

The PDF of the document: Glue gun printing guidelines (1)




I am trying to understand how this would be more impactful compared to the portrait version.

Here, Shall we compare?

Cock It - Psd File. - Fully Assembled
Big. Bold.
NEW -Cock It - Psd File. - Fully Assembled.jpg
Spaced Out. Bland.


‘Make the main image on each board as large and impactful as possible.’


The portrait sheet obviously showcases the product in a larger scale.


I am fine with conforming to set deliverables, no problem what so ever. I just find it to be difficult when we are not given all of the information at the start so we do not need to presume. I find giving out information two days before the deadline to be very tedious as I attempt to produce work before said deadlines.


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