What has happened since the 28th of February?


I am a little disappointed with the amount of information gathered from the third source (above), I was hoping to gain a key insight into the class structure yet only one thing stood out to me. This means that I will have to look for more sources that give further information that I am looking for.

During the second group meeting for the dissertation I again felt a little out of the conversation, this due to the progress i have made so far. I had a few questions relating to some sources I have looked at and the availability of said journals.

It was suggested that I include a minimum of two to three journals into the literature review, I am currently searching for another two.

A book mentioned that I have yet to look at was ‘Sustainable by Design’, looking at the index Material culture is mentioned which is something I picked up on in Hertzian Tales, This book is added to my summer reading list.

So far the list looks like this:

  • Danchev, A. ed. 2011. 100 artists’ manifestos: From the futurists to the Stuckists. London: Penguin Classics.
  • DiSalvo, C. 2012. Adversarial design. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Dunne, A. and Raby, F. 2001. Design noir: The secret life of electronic objects. Basel: August/Birkhauser.
  • Fry, T. 2008. Design futuring: Sustainability, ethics and new practice. New York, NY: Berg Publishers.
  • Kalantidou, E. and Fry, T. eds. 2014. Design In The Borderlands. New York: Routledge.
  • MacKay, R. et al. 2014. Speculative aesthetics. (s.l.): Falmouth : Urbanomic.
  • Schwartzman, M. 2011. See yourself sensing: Redefining human perception. London, UK: Black Dog Publishing London UK.
  • Troika et al. 2008. Digital by design: Crafting technology for products and environments. London: Thames & Hudson.


I am finding the proposal a little tedious to complete, I have set myself a goal to complete it by the 20th of March. Within the journal that I am keeping for the progress of the dissertation I have noted that I must stay within the word count…

I have already gone over.

At this moment in time I have written around 4700 on the Review of ‘Key Literature’ alone..


Speaking with Sarah it was suggested that I just continue writing, I should get everything onto the document and then I will be able to go back and cut some key information that I want saved for the thesis.

At this rate I believe the 20th deadline date is plausible

The list of key deliverables I have set are as follows:

– At least two journals added to the ‘Key Literature’ section

– Research Plan Started and Finished

– Overall Complete

– Stay within the word count (4400 Max)

If all goes well and I complete the proposal prior to the easter break I would like to begin the thesis.

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