The Nutcracker

The final week has arrived


I have found this project to be more tedious than it needed to be, a lot of last minute decisions made to hopefully make the project more stable.

Has it worked?


The CNC Model that I have been working throughout these four weeks to possess was completed on the 10th of March.

The two sides were glued together using PVA glue with masking tape holding the both sides firmly.

The Finished Article:


The CNC’d Model…Now Complete.
The Glue Gun Is…..Small


I did not realise how small the glue gun would be from the SolidWorks model, I guess there is a loss of scale when designing straight into the software.


Now I have been working on many versions of the presentation sheets and I feel like this is the final variation….hopefully.

Cock It - Psd File. - Fully Assembled.pdf - thursday sheet-page-001
Question is…Am I happy with the sheet?


Cock It - Psd File. - Internal Visible - Assembled-page-001
They just seems so plain. boring. bland. ill. old. weak. did I say boring?



The PDF Files:

The First Sheet – Cock It – Psd File. – Fully Assembled.pdf – thursday sheet

The Second Sheet –  Cock It – Psd File. – Internal Visible – Assembled


The schedule for the presentation has been emailed to us and I will be with the first group of around fifteen students…this should be interesting.


Have I enjoyed this project?

I would like to answer this with an idea of projects that I believe would be interesting and vibrant. Imagine working as though we were in industry, a project, a brief…any brief….uhm a Toaster…no wait, something vague..a handheld object used for a certain environment to solve a certain problem.

Okay. Sorted.

Whilst approaching this brief we are set within groups of two or four, split equally with BA and BSc students. The task for the BA student, design the aesthetic appearance of the product. The task for the BSc student, ensure full functionality of the product.

This approach to a project could be extremely valuable to students of product design, we are within a situation similar to what we are getting this degree for. A breath of fresh air, a step forward in our development.

Would other students agree with this style? I have been questioning the difference between BA and BSc without getting any answers as to why we are not given different briefs that compliment the two obviously different degree schemes.

I would have enjoyed this four week project more if, first of all, it did not feel like it could be condensed into two weeks. If BA students were tasked with designing the aesthetic body of the glue gun whilst the BSc students were tasked with designing the interior of the product…rather than everyone being given the interior component files at the beginning of the project, how would the finished products look?

This could be the first steps in replicating the design team that is spoken about within industry.

An addition to Field.

Field 2.0?

Field P.D?

Overall I am pleased with my development as a BA agent undercover within BSc territory, I have further developed my software skills with the introduction of injection moulded structures needing further strength that will surely come with this new third term brief delivered following the presentations on Thursday (the 16th)

Stay Tuned,

Agent 47


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