The End of the Glue Gun Project has arrived!


Praise the Lord.


Can we move onto something more interesting, exciting, adventurous?


The presentation went well…Around five words were spoken by myself.


I feel as though if I were given the opportunity to speak about the design in full, it would have been understood with some ease. Something spoken about my product, ‘I dont think there is a market for it’, poorly quoted but something around those lines. How on earth is there not a market for this? There is a sex industry that is worth around $15 Billion, there, that is the market!

Something I cannot help to think about is how the presentation would have gone if I were able to create the presentation sheets without regulation and strict rules. I am not blaming the sheet regulations but…I am blaming the sheet regulations.

I agree that the sheets were boring.

Am I proud of this work?

Yes and No

I am proud of how creative I have been with making this project as exciting as I could, but I am not proud of how it was presented..that being out of my control.

I look forward to the brief that will shape my third term, I hope it is vague and exciting.

Something tells me it will not be



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