A Snails Pace

Progression has slowed down to a snails pace

Is this due to a lack of motivation?

What is the problem here?

I took one week off from staying late and working

Is this the start of my downfall?

I have struggled a lot with including Journals into my proposal, I believe that the one journal I have been attempting to read has just broken me. I do not understand it, the way in which it is written.

Perhaps it is just the journal…

The Journal in question being

British Journal of Sociology. Vol.45 – 1994 – Iss. 3. pp 481-495.

Mannheim’s sociology of generations: an undervalued legacy.

Although I have surpassed the word count I have yet to answer all of the set points given to us all on the proposal sheet.

The 20th of March is fast approaching and yet I am still so far behind.

A meeting has been scheduled for the 30th of March to go over the proposal and correct some errors that may be lingering within.

I have acquired a list of Journals that could be useful to my thesis

  • British Journal of Social Psychology
  • Current Research in Social Psychology
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Journal of Social Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology

All of these will hopefully be useful to my research, I plan on beginning the reading of these following the submission of the proposal.

At this current moment in time I feel as though I have many references that will be useful for the design aspect of the thesis but currently not enough to be useful for the sociological and psychological aspects. I must focus my attention on this.

I need to crack on with the work I have set myself.

With four days remaining there is still time to complete the first draft of the proposal..

I am unsure whether this will happen.

We will see…

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