I am going to pick this brief apart.

Line by Line

Sentence by Sentence

I will bleed this sucker dry.

Introduction - JPG
A promising start..Sustainability. One of my favourite subjects.


How can I ensure this whilst manufacturing with such processes?


Design Brief - JPG
A. Cordless Drill?..


I had hoped this rumour was not true.


I guess it really is a drill.


Dry your eyes soldier. We have a job to do!




The target markets available:

  • Design Students
  • DIY Hobbyists
  • Enthusiast Hobbyists (Prosumers)…I will presume Enthusiastic was meant.
  • Professional Trades People


Quick Pros and Cons of each Market:

Design Students

  • Cheap/Throwaway
  • Easy to gain research from fellow students.
  • Style dependant
  • One style aesthetically pleasing to all
  • Heavy usage.
  • Easily dropped, Must be shock resistant


DIY Hobbyists

  • Cheap
  • Style is not essential to all customers due to it being a hobby (Style usually isnt a factor. Function is.)
  • Ease of use. No complicated buttons or functions
  • Comfort is essential.
  • Longevity


Enthusiastic Hobbyists (Prosumers)

  • Quality Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Durability is essential
  • Ease of use
  • Style
  • Ergonomics
  • Easy Recharge


Professional Trades People

  • Extremely High Quality
  • Aesthetically Beautiful.
  • Could possess multi-functions
  • Attach a Brand to it. Pre-existing? Bosch. DeWALT. Stanley.
  • It cannot look cheap.
  • High quality finish.
  • Showcase a variation of textures.
  • Additions – e.g. Drill Bit Holder.


From this short task I believe I may be leaning more towards the markets of ‘Design Sutdents’ and ‘DIY Hobbyists’. I believe that these two markets would want to have more for their money in terms of additions and functionality of a product when compared to the other two markets.

Things may change.


They always do.




Deliverables - JPG
A2…A step up. Oh lord this is going to be expensive.


The schedule said that we were meant to begin the project on the 13th which means I am already behind schedule. I plan to create a project guide that will allow me to do thorough research into the market that I will be exploring.

I plan on getting the market research and the design concepts started by the end of next week (The 24th of March)


Over and Out.


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