A Leap of Faith


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This Friday after looking at the same boring drills from various companies I decided to take a look at one of the first, the things before electricity…not the plastic junk but a crank drill…perhaps not the right word but yes, a drill which used a crank to operate.

Hand Drill - JPG
This is perfect.

An interesting idea I thought

I like this. Why did we change this already perfect product? it did the job..it drilled holes.

The Answer?

People are lazy and they want things done quicker and with little to no effort required.

Screw that!

The world is not like that. Things do not come easy to us. we have to work for that S***!



I take a look at vintage drills, these are beautiful, perhaps it is the rust and the metal casing that do it for me, I just dont know.


Vintage Wilwaukee Drill - Pistol - JPG
Simple. Functional. Bad-ass!


The following drill is what gave me my initial idea.

Vintage Crank Drill - JPG
I want one…or seven


The idea is relatively simple

An electronic drill which can be recharged using the cranking system shown in the above image, you have an electric drill and a manual combined. A self charging product. Sustainable. The kinetic movement of the crank charges the rechargeable batteries as they have been drained from a full day of usage.

Once the charge is full again, no need to crank, take the handle off and here you go, a cordless electronic drill.

Now I must give credit to Todd (https://davidtoddblog.wordpress.com/) for giving me the idea of a situation in which this could be a reality, he mentioned the fact that within the brief there is no set society..they do not tell us what part of the world this product must be aimed towards.

Say, for example, you are in a part of the world where electricity is not readily available, perhaps you have access once a week if you travel to a nearby city, what should stop you from owning electronic devices that will help you….build shelters..make things that allow for better quality of life.

I believe that this fully commits to the brief that speaks about sustainability and the four R’s..

I have enquired to my lecturer about modifying the components that were supplied to us for this project, within the brief there is no mention that we are no able to modify..the one problem I hope will not come up is the technical side.

I have currently not had a look at the interior of the components, I am unsure whether the lecturers have supplied a fully realistic CAD file that will showcase the cogs and the system beneath the shell or they have just lofted a few shapes and labelled them as said components…

I believe that this idea rests on that fact.

The products that I must look at are crank radios and devices that use kinetic movement to charge batteries, before designing for this idea I must fully understand and realise the interior components before designing the surface.

Until I gain more information on the CAD components and if I get the ‘Okay’ to modify, I am just a sitting duck…I believe that this is a strong idea that could set itself apart from the rest that will be exhibited (I shall talk more on this in a separate post).

A relatively productive two days.



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