Holey Moley

The results are in…


And YES the initial idea has just become 100x harder to pull off.


The internal components for the drill were just extruded, there are no internal details, no cogs, not way to modify without me being tasked with creating those components from scratch.

Take a look.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 12.00.59
Just a solid component.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-18 at 12.00.59 (1)
We would lose marks if we produced something like this, wouldn’t we?



Let me gather the toys i just threw.


There is still a way to do this..

Think damnit!





Until this bubble bursts, let us continue to fly!


Keeping with the crank idea…


Perhaps instead of cranking the drill so it functions, what if the drill had a pre-installed generator that you hand cranked to store electricity into the battery pack?


Now this could be cool. A ‘green’ drill.



Now..I have one problem..okay two…perhaps three or four.


I am unsure whether or not this is theoretically possible, I have confidence in my ability to make the model look as if it works, adding the generator into the back of the drill, adding a small crank could make the drill look a little more pleasing to look at.



The Market will NOT become hipsters…I apologise if this does come to fruition.


Now, I am aware of the generator being able to produce power, but how much power? Sure the power will be stored into the rechargeable batteries (I had to double check this fact) but how long would it take to fully charge?

Well this is where I hope to ask some BSc students, perhaps they will be able to give me answers to my questions.



How long would someone have to crank the drill for in order to use it?

Would that be worth all the trouble?

You could argue that, Yeah, it would be.


I feel like I am trying too hard to make my project different, I want to stand out.

Stick out like a sore thumb.


I want people to be interested not bored.

Questions are our friends!


I first thought about conforming to the brief just so I have a better chance of getting the highest mark, I believe that I have now done a u-turn on that following a variation of talks with lecturers and peers.

The question I ask myself.

Is this doable.

Could I pull this off?

I think the first thing I need to do is ask the lecturers involved in the project and those who are not. Perhaps a difference in perspective will allow for some exciting conversation.

I am hoping the project leader says everything is plausible, this will allow me to relax and continue exploring this idea of sustainability.


Time to conduct some market research.


bon voyage

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