The finish line is in sight


I have made it, I have succeeded in my task


/takes a sip of Guinness/



Now the real fun begins!


I decided that the only way for me to finish the proposal, the first draft at least, would be to pull an all nighter and just go for it.


So I just did that and…the relationship I have with coffee is now unbreakable.




Now, when I say that I have a draft, the only section which needs a little work is the literature review, I seem to have just crammed a boat load of ideas into that section with little to no connection or sense.

I believe that the rest of the proposal is relatively…okay.


Good news.

I managed to make sense of the journal that was giving me trouble, I was able to take a range of important notes that will help me with forming the thesis.

I did not include it in the proposal, apart from adding the reference to my bibliography. I am not sure whether I will need to include it but seeing as I have plenty of time to swap and change, I am not worrying about it.

I have found how I have gone about writing this proposal to be quite efficient with timing.

Setting aside the small blip last week I have not struggled with writing, I have actually found it to be the most interesting task that has been set this year. I am looking forward to sitting down to discuss the proposal on the 30th of March, things will inevitably change but that can only be to improve.

I would put the proposal on here as a PDF but I am not sure if it would get flagged when marking…


Perhaps if I remember I will add it after the fact.


The task now is to continue looking for reading material, the bibliography needs to look a little healthier for my liking.

I currently have eighteen references, I would like to have around twenty to twenty five in time to submit the proposal, the additional two to seven being journals that I find will help my thesis.


I have decided to look into journals more as they seem to be more recently written, this will give my thesis some credibility with time.


Until any new information or work has been conducted on this thesis,



Auf Wiedersehen



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