I have been struggling with this idea.


Following the last conversation about the internal components and being unsure whether it would theoretically work, well….it would but it wouldn’t.


Now the crank generator would charge the 18v battery but seeing as the size is rather high, it could have somewhere from an hour to around a decade to fully charge.

I spoke with the two tech dem’s about the idea and they seems to think it was a good idea, Craig saying that it seemed like a third year project rather than a second, I shall take that as a compliment.

I cannot seem to wrap my head around the whole generator thing. I seem to be focusing too heavily on this one idea.

What if this fails?

Where will I be then?

I need to go back to the beginning.

Take a look at the brief again, come up with more ideas.

A situation that the drill would be within.

Remember. The drill components can be made for other functions.

giphy (1)

New Idea: A product that uses the drill components to open jars that are too tight to open by hand. Now come on, this is a good one.


Okay, moving on…

Perhaps Design Futuring?

Creating a world in which this product is used, giving it justification.

It is just so difficult to create something exciting from this brief.

I am frustrated.

Why cant I see it? The answer.

giphy (2).gif

I seem to be on an elastic band, going from one end to the other, one minute I have cracked the case, the other minute I have given up and I begin thinking about the boring drill that I will design.

New Idea: Perhaps to create an environmentally friendly product, would it be interesting if the material it was made out of was biodegradable? perhaps the concept is charity based, you purchase the drill and as it has a life it degrades over time, once the casing is no longer functional, you renew your drill and receive a new casing that is biodegradable.

A constant renewal to sustainability through unsustainability.

Now this idea I like, the idea of keeping the components and giving them a new casing is what I complain about, but with this idea, it is essentially promoting this as it has a link with charity and also sustainability.

I also like the idea of sustainability through unsustainability.

This is funny.

So I spoke with the leader of the project


He..Likes it?

Wait what?

Hold up…

I described the idea and the concept CAD work that I worked on the day prior.


He seemed to be pleased with the idea, commenting on the fact that I have gone straight into the software instead of sketching. The reason for this is mainly to confirm that the components are functional and everything works the way it should.

This is what I started with, I have not created the gears that are used, instead I saved time by getting them from GrabCAD.

First Version - Initial Gear Addition

I was told that I should change the two small gears with larger gears, this would allow for more power to be created when cranking .

Second Version - Initial Gear Addition


Now this is a bulky version, It was suggested that the gears become smaller and more efficient with the spacing. I took a look at the hand drills and the gears that are used to operate that.

Whilst thinking about the modification I just thought about combining the old school mechanism with the electrical motor and I believe that I have cracked the case.



Now this could be complicated, but, I plan to extend the aluminium rod that is located through the motor, The idea is to attach the two relatively small gears shown above onto that rod and then combine the larger gear that is also shown above.

Third Version - Initial Gear Addition - Work in progress


The one addition that will have to happen is a skeleton attached to the outer casing of the motor.

Third Version - Initial Gear Addition + Big GEAR


I have completed what I wanted to this week, I am almost done with the components on the interior and I will not begin the case designing until all is working within…this could take some time.

The plan is to complete the CAD before the holiday begins, then during the three weeks I shall begin concept designing.


So far, So good.


I believe I am moving towards the industrial style, visible mechanisms etc.


Good stuff



21.03/2017 @22:41


I have realised from thinking over the mechanisms functionality that I have placed the big gear on the left hand side and not the right, this means that if I design the casing so the drill has a right side up, then when the handle is pushed forward, the drill would go counter clockwise.


An easy mistake…be it a stupid one.


The solution is to place the gear on the right hand side.

Meaning the drill would need to have the left hand holding the drill whilst the right hand cranked…not the end of the world but I am sure I would get marked down for such restrictions….the irony.

I shall begin the design of the handle, I believe I may end up 3D printing all of these components so this is a positive for the end of year exhibition. The influence for the handle will come from the vintage hand drills, if it aint broke, dont fix it.





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