I seem to struggle with the most basic of mechanisms.

I over complicate things.


For the past three hours I have been looking at videos of the manual hand drill whilst it is being used. I had forgotten something, of course! I hadn’t even thought of looking into the specific components involved for the hand drill….perhaps now is a good start.

Hand Drill - Component Labelled
I have forgotten the Pinion and the Idle Gear. Idiot!


Without thinking I did not take into account the gears clockwise motion.


A few things that need to be added and modified.


Basic Need to Do - Manual Drill
I made a few notes on Paint.


I seem to be settled now. I am aware of the skeleton that needs to house the motor and the surrounding gears and I believe that it shouldn’t be too difficult and could possibly make the casing interior a little easier for me to make.


Speaking of the casing…I took a variety of photographs of the interior components that the CAD components are referencing, It has been said that as a part of the marking, the components will need to fit within the model that we produce.

Yeah…I believe my drill could look a little different.


A fellow student also found the drill online and found the existing bill of materials along with a lovely exploded view. This will come in handy when pricing up the total cost for manufacture.


Also…as I am writing this, I have found another system that could be even more efficient that the one I am currently working on.


With the one gear, I cut out the other.


I may take this forward, all depending on whether I can design a sufficient skeleton. I have also been thinking about the idea of detaching the handle and the bigger gear, if it were to stay attached whilst the electric motor was running….fingers could detach.


My thinking was a simple bolt, something obviously a little more efficient but something that would keep the gear joined to the other gear, saving it from flying off when the handle is turning.

Obviously this sounds ever so technical, I think it will work.

I am currently questioning what innovation this is meant to be, I am merely combining two existing products together. How do I feel about this? I think I am creating something interesting, but, I am also not happy that I haven’t created anything of real change or anything that can be classed as ‘innovation’

Tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow is…now? what?

I’d better sleep.




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