Charge!.Forward!..GO!..Is this thing on?

Am I pushing too far ahead?


I feel like I am focusing all of my attention on the internal components and none at all on the casing. All I know is that I want a sleek, white casing.


I ran into some trouble with the initial file that was given to us, it was not correctly organised so the specific components could be moved, if required. It took me some time to figure it out but then I ran into the sub-assembly tool and that cleared up the issue without a problem.

On to the development.

The first image of the edited file, the change being what I mentioned in the previous post.


Forth Version - Initial Gear Addition + Big GEAR
The Forth Gen


I scaled the gears so the motor was able to fit closely together, this was around 1.15 of the original scale. It took a while to get the right size.


Originally the gear was going to be around 170mm diameter.

Way too industrial for the project.


Fifth Version - Initial Gear Addition + Big GEAR
Fifth Gen


The addition of the skeleton allows for the interior to gain extra realism, the idea was to attach the skeleton to the gear box using the four screws already attaching the gearbox together, this was a success and after speaking to Paul he liked the idea too. The skeleton will be sand-casted which means the I will be able to add some sections pointing outwards that will allow for the casing to hold it into position, ensuring strength and stability.

Fifth Version - Different Angle
Fifth Gen. Different Angle.


The big gear was difficult to configure, I had to change a few things and position the holes differently so there would be room for the motor to go. there is also a rod that comes from the skeleton that the big gear is placed on, when I add the handle this will look a little more realistic.

Fifth Version - Handle
The Addition of the handle.


Now following this stage I did not complete putting the nuts and bolts that attach the handle to the gear, instead I continued to work of the skeleton and the rips in particular.


Fifth Version - Ribs
Perhaps a better angle?


What I am trying to do with these ribs is making the job of fitting the components you see into the casing a lot easier for the future, I feel that if these ribs are done now, all I will have to do is create the areas that they slide into at the later date.


So. A few problems I have run into

Hole Sizing:

I seem to be forgetting what mistakes were made in the previous project, I do not seem to take into consideration the size of the components, merely ensuring that they are scaled correctly to the surrounding components.

This is where the editing will take place in the next few days, hopefully completed by the end of today, Thursday.

Prior to leaving yesterday, I made sure the file was ready for me to begin editing, there has been some modification to the handle and the arm that is also added, nothing major, a few tweaks.


I have also been thinking about the component that will be used to hold the gear in place when the user is using the crank handle. I have been thinking about the flexible plugs that are sometimes used for other products, to describe the component would be too difficult of a task and once I have created the component, I will present it.

Some good progress.

High work intensity.

Productive Days.

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