The Search for Something Different.

Feedback can change a design within an instant.


For this project, I have been wanting feedback that tells me that I am doing something right, something different.


Well…that has not happened.


“Hey, what do you think of this concept for my drill?”

“I think it looks like a drill”





The internal components are complete, all functioning.


I am happy with the outcome, although things could change, the nuts and bolts for example.

Perhaps they are a little big.

Anyways, this is what it looks like so far.

Fifth Version - Handle + Bolts
The completed internal components.


The next task.


Concept Design.


I decided it could be a good idea to print out a 1:1 side view of the internal components, just so I could get a grasp of how big this casing needs to be.

Surprisingly, it is rather small.


I began by trying to spend a set period of time on each design, I thought that seeing as I have some time set aside now for concept designing there wouldn’t be a problem. Looking at the results and I was really not happy with what was produced in that time.


Another plan of attack.


Setting eight side profiles of the internal components on to a sheet of paper and producing quick sketches, ideas that come to mind. 30 seconds per design, per colour.


Left Side - Design Template - 8 Drills
The template.


I feel like initially sketching the side profile is a good way to begin as it is then easier to convert that sketch into a three dimensional shape.

Left Side - Blue and Grey - Design Template - 8 Drills
Eight Concepts.


(I have adopted a way of sketching that includes putting multiple layers on a design, light blue initially, pink to refine the shape then finishing off with a dark grey)

Now a lot of these concepts shown above are awful.

I have found two sketches that I do like the look of however.


I really like the potential of the first concept and the seventh.

Particularly the seventh.


Green + Black Concept - Drill Design - Left side view
I think I can work with this.


I believe that so far I have two concepts that could be taken forward, the image above, that does not look like the conventional drill shape and the image below that looks exactly like existing products, apart from the addition of the manual crank.

Yellow Concept #2 - Drill Design - Left Side View
I also really like this concept.


Red and Black Concept - Drill Design - Right Side View
I have also explored how the gear will appear with a casing


I shall be continuing the concept design stage throughout the week before the Easter break, I will also be moving forward within those three weeks as I hope to use the facilities to begin blue foam models as I begin to explore the ergonomics of the drill.

So far, off to a good start.






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