You Learn, You Grow



What progress?

This progress.


Continuing on from the concept drawing a few days back, I have been continuing with the attempt to find my design.


Left Side - Blue with Red Back Drop Concept - Drill Design
One Concept.


The problem?


It still looks like a damn drill!


Wait a minute.


What if I just made the drill..look like a drill?

I think I have solved my problem.




But seriously, during a conversation with Todd the idea seemed to finalise. I need to look back, back to the beginning for the drill, an image, one I once referenced.

Vintage Crank Drill - JPG
This bad boy


What if I simply designed the new drill whilst referencing this old drill. Now the first thing I thought about, “This is not innovation!”, but hear me out, perhaps the idea could be, a drill that takes what is old into the new and then in turn, brings the new back to the old. I like this idea, it is taking a relatively advanced technology, when compared, and brings it back to the roots, back to the beginning.

I need the gear and handle of my drill to be the main part of the product, not a product that looks like a standard drill with a gear and handle attached. That would just look stupid.

On to concepts!

Now, whilst looking at the reference image of the manual drill, I realised that I may have to change the positioning of the trigger.

Iso Left Side - Trigger Position Change - PNG - Line Drawing
This is what I came up with.


It will make some sense with the concepts surrounding the components.

Left Iso - Concept Design - Line Drawing


With a rough idea of the shape for the drill I found that I needed to find out whether the batteries would be the right size and not too small to be placed within the handle. Another fear of mine was the weight of the handle, ten batteries could add significant weight and it could cause balancing issues when the drill in being used.

The easiest and most efficient way to do this, I found, was to get a 1:1 scales print out of the battery pack that I had created. Unfortunately it would be too bulky for the location of the batteries.


A new idea.

The battery pack is located on top of the drill body.

Yes? No?

My thinking behind this is rather simple. If most of the weight is centred towards the middle of the drill, with the chest piece providing stability to the process, as long at the handle had a subtle amount of weight added, it should become evenly placed for use.

Oh the chest piece, yes.

When I said I wanted to go back, I meant back considerably.

An Illustration of an existing product in use.



Currently that is as far as I have gotten. I have finalised the initial shape of the drill, now I must begin to design the multiple components that will make up the drill.

Many more concepts need to be drawn up.


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