Word Vomit.

Information just does not compute with me.


I cannot seem to grasp components with ease.



I had an rather interesting conversation with Theo about my drill idea, seeing as I was meeting with him to discuss how I was experiencing the many aspects of the course I thought I would try to gain a new perspective on my idea.

…and my god I think Theo just made my drill 10x better…


So starting at the second term I decided to keep a journal so I could jot down my thoughts on an idea, sketches or just doodles. Luckily I managed to remember the majority of the conversation this time so I could note what was discussed.

So I begin,

I discussed the rough idea of adding the manual option to an automatic drill and he seemed to really like the concept, he spoke about building a wood shed of sorts the night prior and needing to switch between two battery packs to finish the job. I spoke about the initial target market being the third world and he told me that there were remote locations within the united kingdom where you could walk for a day and not come into contact with housing or electricity, he spoke about needing to plan ahead of time when going to a location as the nearest motorway could be something like 45 minutes away.

Target Market:

Prosumers or Professional Trades Person – Example: Farmers

Situation: They could take one battery pack to go build a structure, with that possibly being miles away from the nearest charger, instead of travelling back and finishing the next day, the farmer could convert the drill into a manual and finish the job in one day.

DIY Hobbyist –

Situation: The situation Theo described about his shed build.

Now whilst continuing the conversation about my project Theo mentioned the danger that I picked up on, the fact that if you pull the trigger when the gear and handle are attached, you will most likely have a funny story to tell your friends….with your eight remaining fingers.

He suggested that I look at bicycles and the freewheel component that you see and can most likely hear on bicycles. Theo told me that with this component I would be able to have the gear and the handle permanently attached to the drill.


Right, some images to grasp the idea a bit

So this GIF essentially the function of the freewheel component..

giphy (2).gif

Now this is what will happen with the drill, debatable whether it would be somewhat faster.

Picture this dear reader, the back wheel as the motor and the pedals as the handle of the drill.

Make a little more sense?

Now this is where it became a little difficult for me, whilst speaking to Rhodri (https://rhodriprice.com/), a fellow designer about adding the component in he reminded me that in doing so, the function of a counter-clockwise motion would be lost AND THIS IS WHERE I BEGIN TO FREAK OUT.

I was told to read over the brief once more to check whether it specifically said that the drill must maintain all prior functions…I found a bullet point that is vague.

‘Your Design Must:

  • Be Functionally Credible.’


Now, how should I take this information, does this mean that the drill must indeed…drill? If so, I believe most users when drilling do not switch rotation midway through, they just pull the drill bit out of the hole whilst it is still rotating.

If this is how I wish to convey this detail then I believe I am all good.


Does Functionally Credible indeed mean that theoretically, the drill would work.

If this is the case, I am all good.


Otherwise, this idea becomes useless.


Now I have started to thoroughly enjoy this project more and more, frankly this is due to the idea being so interesting that I just want to see it complete. I believe that in turn, I have a lot more work to do especially with components to make.

The freewheel of a bike


Now this may sound too simple to be plausible, but, my thinking is that I could simply change the chain structure and add a gear structure that is compatible with the outer gear already created within my file.

Perhaps more research will allow for me to gain a better understanding.

Why do I find this difficult to understand?


If I am correct when thinking about this new component there could be one or two problems. One could be the size of the component, I may need to redesign the skeleton of the internal components. Another could be…I just got it all wrong and I get rinsed during the presentation. Also, If I go forward with this idea, I will need to create the component from scratch and that could be incredibly tedious to do.



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