A quick catch up from last weeks progress.


What has happened?

So I began by looking over the notes I made within my journal, the first task that need to be completed was the addition of the freewheel mechanism within the internal components.

Now I have found the quickest way of adding components to be searching for existing files on websites, this is where I found this freewheel mechanism, as shown below:

Freewheel - JPG
It saves time which is more efficient.


The only problem I had with this component was scaling it to fit with the other components, this was especially difficult when modifying the file and adding the gear track which replaced the chain track.

I keep thinking to myself

‘why on earth are you making this so difficult for yourself?’

This becomes more relevant when I talk about the battery pack concept.

Here is the modified freewheel component:

Modified Freewheel - JPG


Seeing as the components were seemingly completed (85%)


I continued with concept designing. Instead of using digital software I thought it could be a neat idea to sketch by hand.

Following on from some sketching exercises I began to form a consistent theme within the designs, many of the concepts were animal like in form. This was intriguing. Why was this? Perhaps I was subconsciously dictating how I wanted my design to look.

A few of the pages from my journal for this project:

These sketches are a plan view of the drill.


The concept for the breast plate arm


Now on to the idea for the battery.


I thought about how I could add the battery pack to the drill without it looking out of place. An idea struck me, perhaps I could combine the battery pack and the breast plate arm. The original idea was for the drill to have additional parts that could be added when the manual drill was used, then removed when the electrical drill was used. Thinking about it now, could I have another option?

It just occurred to me. The arm attachment and the battery pack attachment could be compatible. Perhaps you swap out the breast plate for the battery pack when using the electrical drill?



One part of the process that I seem to be having difficulty with is the casing. I thought that creating the files would not be too difficult but I cannot achieve the same shape as my concept sketches.

A solution to this is surfacing within SolidWorks.

Now, I have never attempted this tool before so I am quite nervous to begin. I have watched multiple tutorials online that show the process of creating these forms and to start there is simply an image of a sketch.

I could create the files using sketches I have done but I believe that dimensions could be inaccurate to what is needed. The plan is to create the concepts from modelling board, this will allow me to make some adjustments if the ergonomics are not right.

Where do I start?

Well I want to begin with the handle of the drill casing as I have already finalised the body. The body is very simple, little to no detailing due to the market that I am designing for.

Casing Progress - JPG
Sleek. Simple. Clean.


The handle concept I want to go forward with.


I will be testing out the surfacing tools on a simpler idea, maybe a few shapes or a simple product just so I get to grips with how things work. I will be working on model making Wednesday to Friday, hopefully I will produce a variation of designs that could influence the final outcome.

I hope to take the dimensions of the models made so I have an accurate scale file for the drill I produce.


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