Time Flies

Not much has been done.


It is now time to focus on finalising other aspects of the course…the dissertation.

This project has taken a back seat until I return from the Easter break.


Until then, this is what I have done.


I thought it would be interesting to look at how the internal components would look within Keyshot.

Shown below.


Interior Components - JPG.93
A look at the internal components.


Casing Prototype One - JPG
The first casing prototype inc. Milwaukee Logo.


The first casing prototype does not include the battery location due to difficulties in finalising the location. I am not too sure where I want it to go, it could stay where most drills have the pack which is at the end of the handle…or…it could be located within the breast plate that I have yet to create.

I believe I may stick with having the battery pack at the end of the trigger, it seems to most logical way to evenly position the weight of the drill with no issues.

With some of the parts for my drill being complete during the third term I find it could be difficult to get access to the 3D Printers within the university, I may have to outsource the prints for my parts.

This could bleed me dry.


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