The Submission

What has happened since ‘Fin’ was published?


Difficult. Difficult times.

Well, it is kind of a funny story.


Whilst at the meeting on the 30th it was suggested that I rewrite the dissertation proposal in the style of an essay, intertwining references and a structure similar to that of the future thesis.

Was all of that hard work for nothing?

Well…not really no.

If I look at what was written prior to the meeting what I see is a very rough draft with a sickening amount of word bile spilled over into neat paragraphs. Lovely I know.

So, key points taken from that meeting:

  • Identify the themes of the books
  • Connect all of the text like an essay
  • Intertwine
  • Start with Politics then follow into consumerism
  • Sort the bibliography into what has been read and what will be read


Where did I start?


I began with Tony Fry and his book Design as Politics.

Now what I found to be the easiest way to approach the rewriting was to scan over and highlight the different themes of the quotes and thinking behind them, examples being a list of quotes with the theme of politics, then sustainability which followed on to psychology and sociology.

But yet, I find myself running into a problem again.

After whittling down the word count to below 3500 I began to struggle with bringing it up to the 4000 word count. I felt as though I said as much as I could say without including more interesting thoughts that would render unusable within the thesis.

That is the main problem with a dissertation proposal, you must discuss the thinking yet withhold specific information as we are usable to reuse what has been said in fear of being arrested and sent to the dungeon for stealing my own ideas.

I found that rewording what was said within key literature to be a big help with firstly understanding what is being said and secondly being able for that rewording to be used as a part of the word count.

To pick up the word count for the submission I decided to take an example shown to me within the section of a research plan, an individual set up a bullet point listing where each chapter was shown with specific descriptions of what would be discussed and how things would be structured, I really liked this style as it was both organised and simplistic with how it operated.

Overall the process of finishing the dissertation proposal was very entertaining and highly motivating especially with the information unearthed from both books and journals that were explored. I look forward to beginning the thesis and delving into more key literature that I have yet to read. My hope is that the submission receives a high mark as I believe it should reflect my efforts, we will see.













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