Give This Thing A Name


I had hoped that somehow this project would disappear…no success.


The first week back had not been very productive on my behalf, with the submission for the dissertation proposal on the Friday, the logical thing was to focus on that. Once the proposal was finished I began to work on the second prototype that I wanted to further take a look into the ergonomics of my design with the chuck, trigger and the new addition of the battery pack.

A hiccup that I ran into was the limitation of prototyping with the CNC machines. I believed that there would be enough time to produce many blue foam models to check shape, ergonomics and size yet that was the difficulty…with limitations on workshop tech demonstrators due to the third years having priority on equipment and the attention of those two tech demonstrators it leaves both first years and third years without much say in what is done when machines need to be used and things need to be done within a time schedule.

It sucks.

but I guess that is life.

Another limitation is the number of people who want to produce CNC’d prototypes from blue foam. due to there being around 14 machines, usually around 8 to 10 working, it was told to us that there would not be enough time for everyone to get their prototypes on top of the facsimile models being machined from model board.

I was able to get my second prototype machined due to the nature of my design and the importance of the ergonomics (although ergonomics is extremely important on all drills that will be produced….work that one out).

As of writing this the prototype has not been machined but the hope is that it will be done before the end of next week, the 5th of May to be exact.

That is the date that I would like the casing to be complete.

apparently we are all over schedule already.


After learning a trick from Mat ( I took a look at making a template for the ribs and screw positions for the casing. This really made things a lot easier from there on as I knew what space I would be working with.

A decision I made whilst doing this was having the screws for the casings attachments on the outside, after looking at what it could look like, I knew it would be a unique aspect of the design..not to mention easier to manufacture.

A look at the templating:


ribs - screws - positioning for the body
Colour Coded.


As of the 1st of May the battery pack is around 60% complete. The outside of the casing is complete with the interior due to start on the Wednesday following the full day of clearing out the product design studio for the exhibition. The hope is for the interior to be roughly 70% done with a check from the lecturer to give the all clear for the CNC machine.

Things are calm at this moment in time. A lot of things must be done but I am calm and collected about the coming weeks. One slight concern is the location of the Mac’s that hold the software for our work, hopefully they are not moved out for the exhibition or if they are, hopefully I am able to get access to them.

Fun. Fun. Fun.



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