Introducing GEAR


That is correct.


Finally this drill that I have been designing has a name, an obvious name, but a name nonetheless. It was said that an existing company could be used or one created, a brand seems important for this project…why I do not know.

The logo….well…it gets the point across.



Now following on from last week a lot has been completed.


I finalised the battery pack, this took longer than I had hoped because of the lip I added for the top and the bottom part to slot in. With two clips on the battery pack my thinking was for the pack to attach to the casing through a thin slot located at the bottom of the casing on the two sides. This seemed to work really well and added a simplicity to the design.

Battery Pack Seperate
The touch of red becomes apparent later on.


The wonderful news that came from last week was that the casing file was complete and ready for submission for the CNC Machine. I found the most difficult part of making the casing to be the ribbing, not the positioning but the making of the ribs. Following a depressing hour of not knowing what the hell to do I came across a tool that completely sorted out the problem…I was…done!?

After a cheeky gander from the lecturer I was given the okay to give the files to the TD’s…It turned out I was quite fast with submitting, this saw me at around 5th on the list for the machining.

Now to turn my attention on to other aspects of the project.

3D Printing.

A few of my peers seemed to print the internal components ready for the facsimile model, I followed suit.

One downfall from 3D Printing is the finishing of the models, a lot of sanding is involved…I started this on the 6th of May with hopes that the chuck, trigger, gears and components will be finished around the time that the CNC’d model is finished…that taking a very long time.

Currently I have the battery pack on the printer and it has fluctuating between 19-89 hours to completed.

A2 Presentation Boards

Something I have jumped right into is the boards, Keyshot rendering the model and beginning the layout process whilst taking into consideration the regulations set for us.

As the boards are not finished here are a few renders that will be included on the boards, this includes the exploded view, auto and manual positioning with the addition of the breast-plate attachment.

Drill Internals - No Skeleton.jpg
Just a look at the wiring within the model. not perfect.


Auto Positioning - 2
The ‘Gear’ Drill in its ‘Auto’ Orientation


Manual Positioning
The ‘Gear’ Drill in its ‘Manual’ Orientation ft. the breast-plate attachment


Auto Positioning - Right Side of Casing Removed
A sneak peek inside the drill ft. the skeleton


I had hoped to include the skeleton in the facsimile model but due to it being so difficult to make by hand and with it failing to keep its structure on the 3D Printers I will have to show the skeleton using rendered images.


The reasoning for the red sections of the drill is to symbolise interaction points on the drill body, smart thinking coming from Todd, (


Auto Positioning - Exploded View
This particular render took…three…hours…


You can also see the ribbing within the drill casing, it is not perfect by any means, many mistakes but I feel as though it conveys the concept quite well. I just need to make the facsimile model look very well done once it has been machined…still waiting for that.

Next on the agenda is to continue with the presentation boards with the beginning of the presentation for the viva too. Continuation with sanding the models I have and getting ready for the machined model that could be done any day now.

So far, So Good.


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