Ahhh it’s that time again


Deadlines approach. Stress levels are rising.

The weak will soon break.


I love this time!


So I have some wonderful news, my drill has been machined.



This happened a few days ago.


Looking Good


A Look Inside


Now seeing as there are a short amount of days left till the presentation (29th of May) I thought it would be a smart idea to make a day-to-day schedule with things that need to be done by that day.

So, shall we?

Wednesday 17th

  • Fill some imperfections that are on the casing
  • Reflective Field Blog – M.Y.O.B. and Futures.

Thursday 18th

  • finalize the in-situ board
  • finalize and go over all three boards
  • Begin and Finish the A5 Rationale
  • Sand the casing and look for imperfections

Friday 19th

  • Get all of the internal components ready for spraying
  • Begin the Field Presentation

Saturday 20th

  • Get the casing close to spraying
  • Continue the drill presentation

Sunday 21st

  • Get all of the BBC + Drill boards ready to print
  • finalize the Field presentation

Monday 22nd

  • Begin sanding the updated BBC Model
  • Make the backboard
  • Get all components ready for spraying
  • Get the drill together for presentation photographs

Tuesday 23rd

  • Spray Drill components – 2 Coats – Just for photographs
  • Double check the casing before spraying

Wednesday 24th

  • Need to have started spraying the casing by now
  • Rehearse the presentation for the Drill
  • Write a script from the Powerpoint notes

Thursday 25th

  • Focus on the drill model
  • Images of the inside
  • Ensure a quality finish

Friday 26th

  • Spray the BBC Model
  • Finish the Drill Model + Enclose all components
  • finalize the presentation

Saturday 27th

  • Rehearse the drill presentation
  • Get the model into university safely

Sunday 28th

  • Quality control check
  • Photo-shoot inside university for the presentation and blog


Oh Lord.

There are a lot of things to do.


Well, I will let you in on a secret.


It is the 21st and I have already managed to screw up the scheduling.


So yeah. I have already sent my boards to be printed, that happened Friday. Funny story with that, I will pay for a poster that I will not be using in the presentation or exhibit. It is just plain awful. I spent the 21st in university working on another poster that I will end up printing off in the next couple of days. Definitely a waste of money.

Lets have a look at those boards shall we?

A2 PRINT Landscape - A2 Sized Board - 2nd Board - 3D CAD Images + Extra
The Features Board

This board is meant to convey the overall design of the drill and key features of the product. I thought about how I could lay this out, I wanted to have a simple poster with two large images of the drill in its two functioning positions. I believe this board is really nice to look at, it shows the product in full view and it also shows the accessory that comes with the product, that being the breast-plate. The two images at the top right show clearly the key features of the product, the one being the freewheel component that allow for the drill to be a functioning manual drill and also the double T attachment location. I also really like my sketches being on the board, it shows the design development of the product, I also like the sticky notes as they show key concepts of the product.

Overall, very pleased.

The Bill of Materials Board


This board was the first of the three I managed to finish. First things first, The exploded drill looks very nice I think…all of the components are visible, the inside of the casing is clear and shows the ribbing with good quality. I am a little concerned with this JPEG image as it seems to have some of the lines missing….I hope they show up on the poster. The list of materials are off to the side and it does not take up a lot of the poster. I really like the reflection of the breast-plate attachment and the bottom battery casing on the surface, it really gives the whole poster a grounding I believe. It does not make the exploded view look like it is floating mid-air, does that make sense? It looks as though the drill has exploded vertically, up and out.

iN SITUE.jpg
The in-situation board.

Now I have had some trouble with this bad boy. This image you see is not the poster I will be paying for when my poster some back on Tuesday….this is the second coming. Now it is not complete yet. The four small circles are complete and the Keyshot render of the workshop surface is however. I still have a background to place on the larger circle image, I am thinking of another outdoor image to show the variation in locations, I also plan to place product variations on the bottom left of the poster, a variation in handle colours just to showcase its diversity. Overall….I am a lot happier with this poster layout than I am of the one I will be paying for. This has taken influence from the BBC A1 presentation board that I will be exhibiting along side this drill project, hopefully my work looks connected by the layout of the posters.

Now, I shall hopefully finish the final board by Tuesday the 23rd. I shall then send that off to print. The next stage is being fully focused on completing the model and the presentation to go along side. One positive that has come about is the deadline for the models, as there are problems with machining the models of fellow product designers we have been told we have a one week extension for presenting the model. I do hope to get my drill finished before the presentation but it is a lovely feeling knowing that there is a little extra time for me to use if I do need to further sand the model of add more coats.

These final 7 days will be amazingly fun and I cannot wait to show my product and present what I have spent so much time on over this third term.

Very Good Progression.

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