Just Go With It…

This project has not been as bad as I thought it would be, I would like to say it has been straight forward but there have been a few occasions where I question what I am doing…


But that’s normal…right?


I believe I have learnt more this project about the typically ‘BSc’ side of product design, not to say this is a bad thing at all but it is in my opinion that the projects taken more of a narrow approach to what product design could be. I am more confident with how I approach a brief following this project, at the beginning I believed that I was limited to what was said but following a full investigation of the wording I could access more than I thought I could.


A very pleasing outcome, especially for future projects.


I have found myself looking more at key literature to further back-up some of the work that I do, perhaps this has come about from the Futures project or the dissertation work I have been doing but I know that from the literature I am able to fully explain the reasoning for the actions I take and I am able to give context and existing projects where things become more relevant about the ideas that come to mind.


Probably best to discuss any improvements I have found


Technically, I have found that my ability to use SolidWorks has dramatically improved through the process of this eight week project, I am pleased with what I have learnt from the limitations to the new tools that I discovered from many difficult sessions using the software. My abilities to use Photo editing software have not really been tested, I found the process of making the in-situation boards to be rather straight forward (apart from when I made the worst in-situation board possible).


Overall, I think that the project has been quite entertaining, especially whilst designing what I believe to be an interesting product. I have found the project from briefing to physical model to be a difficult one however, I believe that I may have had an unrealistic standard to what the model would turn out like from the milling machine. From what I saw online and what was said to us at the beginning, I presumed the model would only require a long process of spraying to perfection…. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

I have learnt a lot about the limitations of the design process and especially that of the making process. I am in some way extremely grateful to have had this happen during this project as the product was in a way the most difficult piece of design that I have attempting during my time here at university. For the limitations to arise now shows me going forward into the third year what I need to improve on and take into consideration during the design process.


This section of the post the build up to the dreaded viva/presentation…10 minutes where I discuss the project and what I have spent the eight weeks doing. What have I done? Designed a drill. Done?


Not that easy.


I had left the breakdown till late this year, a record three days before the presentation. I realised following fully printing all of the posters AND mounting them that my Bill of Materials was a nuclear bomb waiting to go off.


I mean, so many mistakes!






Yes, I am that stupid.


Now following the phone call to the bank offering them my first child as insurance I managed to make things right. The new poster was printed and mounted with little to no problems…some minor lumps and bumps but who will notice?


Paul…please don’t notice!


The presentation was also giving me reason to question my life, the PowerPoint file constantly corrupted the images I had on the file. I mean around seven times this happened. Oh boy I loved every second of it.


Finally, the presentation was almost done, time to rehearse…16 hours before the presentation. I have my notes. Lets go.

10 minutes to present my work…..BEGIN.

Okay, 10 minutes gone…..THREE SLIDES DISCUSSED. WHAT!


I have so much to say, my project isn’t this simple. I want more time!


Okay, lets go again. I will conquer this.

Presentation done in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Not bad.


Oh wait.



I have cut this down so much that I have essentially taken most of the interesting information out to make way for the essentials.


God I hope this goes well.

I have one 1st down. I now need subject and field to complete the treble.


Wish me luck

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