The Final Nightmare

Do you know what I have realised looking back at these two years?


I completely SUCK at model making.


Now lets get on to the critique of the dreaded model. I believe this is where a majority of the marks will be lost. The finish is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I would love to put all of the blame on the machine that cut the model out but…unfortunately I was the one who designed the thing.

Looking at the outcome of the model has made me question a few decisions, one being why on earth did I have the screw holes located on the outside of the model. That is the cause of the misery.

Okay…its 40% my fault…maybe 60%….no more than 80%

I have spent many many hours sanding. filling. sanding. filling. sanding. filling. sanding. filling. you get the point. I have still come out of all that time with sections of the model looking like this:

It is embarrassing.

I emptied almost a full can of filler on the imperfections, hoping that the bumps would be filled and smooth for the initial coatings but alas, that was not the outcome.

I have found myself so close to the deadline, that being the 6th of June, that I have decided to go ahead with spraying the model. To have a model you are not happy with is an unfortunate position to be in, especially with that model being exhibited to family and friends.

Can I just…not display it? Please…


I believe that the outcome of this model is extremely important for my goal to achieve another first within the subject module. With this facsimile model having such an awful surface finish, that could cause my goal to become unreachable.

But, I would deserve that loss completely due to my skills at model making.

I must improve. I shall improve.

Not Good Enough.

Whilst comparing my model with fellow designers on the course I can see that I must certainly up my game in future projects. I have been extremely impressed with what I have seen so far and I think my facsimile model will be put to shame during the exhibition Wednesday on wards.

On the plus side….

…I feel like the shade of red I chose was correct.

Now to show the final model.

From a distance it seems to look….passable.

Perhaps I should make it aware that for best viewing pleasure, take a few steps back.

Maybe from a mile away it would look pretty incredible.

So..without further or do.

I present my facsimile model…can you see it? Looks great huh

It Looks Great From Here…

From across the room it looks like a decent looking model. But alas, let us critique the awful finishing when you see this model up close and personal.


Now I will be honest, I was surprised at how it looked from a few feet away. Passable at least. Good enough to convey the design and the ergonomics of the drill. Although, hopefully the drill does not get handled too much as a few of the components are…lets say, holding on for dear life.

Requirements to view my drill:

  • You must squint your eyes till you have around 20-30% vision
  • You must step at least 10 paces back from the display
  • You MUST have a 3 second memory so you forget what atrocities you saw




Cannot wait for the exhibition….Yay.

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