A Puzzling State of Affairs

Wrapping up the second year is where I last spoke. Now it is that time during the summer break where you either work on the thesis casually or you leave it for where you return in September and risk being submerged under the constant flow of deadlines and working hours.

Now the plan for this thesis is simple. I will stick to the schedule I have set myself, I will go along with the rough template I had approved within the proposal and ah yes…I will continue to read.

This is some of the reading that was done for the proposal, these sources could also be featured within the thesis:

Dunne, A. 2006. Hertzian tales: Electronic products, aesthetic experience, and
critical design. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Dunne, A. and Raby, F. 2014. Speculative everything: Design, fiction, and social
dreaming. Cambridge: The MIT Press.

Moore, S. 2001. Sociology alive! 3rd ed. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes LTD.

Pilcher, J. (1994). Mannheim’s Sociology of Generations: An Undervalued Legacy. The British Journal of Sociology, 45(3), pp.481 – 495.


So. How has this plan worked out so far? It is the 6th of August 2017, I have 50 days until I return to university to begin the final year. Currently the plans are moving forward, slowly but surely.

I have found that the most important thing for my particular subject is research and creating a fair conversation throughout the thesis. This will hopefully be achieved through the many chapters I have layed out and within those chapters, the sub-titles where various subjects will be talked about and compared to gain a better understanding.


Does this sound vague? 


Well I guess that is my own fault, during the beginning of the proposal stage for this thesis I shared a lot of information on this platform that could have been useful to other individuals researching the same subject as I. I am a little concerned about sharing information but I would still like to update how the structure of the thesis is going and what themes will be discussed.

Overall I must say that productivity has been stepped up a notch with there only being a few weeks till we return, Many of the books on the unfinished reading list from the proposal have been taken out of the library and I am currently working my way through them all. Once they are all finished with and I have all the information I would like, I shall begin to expand into new reading material that will be helpful to my thesis.


Some of the unread/unfinished literature:

Danchev, A. ed. 2011. 100 artists’ manifestos: From the futurists to the Stuckists.
London: Penguin Classics.

Dunne, A. and Raby, F. 2001. Design noir: The secret life of electronic objects. Basel:

Kalantidou, E. and Fry, T. eds. 2014. Design In The Borderlands. New York:

Schwartzman, M. 2011. See yourself sensing: Redefining human perception. London,
UK: Black Dog Publishing London UK.

Walker, S. 2006. Sustainable by Design: Explorations in theory and Practice. New
York: Earthscan


An extremely vague post discussing what has been going on, I feel like these updates will only get harder over time, information will not be able to get featured but I shall try.






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