On your marks…

Beginning the year there are two things already known.

  1. Its your final year, the final chance to make something great for the exhibition.
  2. You are on your own. Two projects to showcase what you have learnt over the past three years.


So this is where the summer comes into play, before starting the summer it was suggested that we spend this time researching and thinking about subjects that could be explored for the two projects, the first main project beginning as soon as we return and the second project beginning in January.

I started thinking about possible ideas rather late on, I decided to have one month where I did absolutely no work, this was enough time for me to then start again with thinking about design work and possible avenues that could be explored. My chosen method was brainstorming through sticky notes and basic researching. This meant that whilst reading or thinking of an idea, I would quickly research to see the plausibility, to see whether there is even the slightest chance of it turning into something and then it would make its way on to the wall of sticky notes.

So, a problem I spoke with a lecturer about once I had explained two ideas which I really hope to explore and develop…it was said that some students find it difficult to finish the project, to get over the line and some jump too quickly to a solution. I was told not to stick with my solutions yet, this will allow for me to explore the problem further and possibly find other solutions to the problem. I agree with this statement, I believe that it is too early for me to have a solution for a project, I must delve deeper into the problem and find some concrete research as a backing and foundation for the projects to come.


Let us discuss the solutions…Oh wait…that’s not right, I guess I will just tell you about the problems I have been thinking about. I believe its a little early on for me to tease some solutions that could or could not be of any use to me.

– Mass Animal Farming – Becoming allergic to meat –

– Poverty – Non-recyclable plastic sea waste –

– Terrorism –

– Identification –

– Food and Water security –

– Pick Pocketing –

– Flat Tyres – Solutions –

– Homelessness – Raising Funds – System –

– Preventing Forest Fires –

– Unused Medicine –

– Packaging – Safety –

– Climate Change –

– Food lifespan –

– Left over food –

– Outdated clothing –

– Surveillance – The Unseen, Seen –


So yeah…only a few avenues but it is a good start, a lot of these problems have some solutions already but this could mean the project is merely a redesign to improve and expand a products potential. I do have a few ideas that could become more speculative than I hoped for the first project, I am hoping to completely go against the speculative design as I hope for one project to be advertised for the mainstream audience rather than pushing that audience away.

The second project is where I hope to go all out and I have just the one idea for that second term project. We shall see.

For now, this remaining time will be spent working on the research aspect of the ideas so I will be able to return with some solid resources where I hope for feedback on all of the ideas which will help with refining my list. With most of my time being spent on reading and writing for my thesis I imagine I will not be able to gain as much credible grounding for all of the ideas, this is probably where website links and basic understandings will be used and then once refined, the in depth research will begin with less confusion with having too many ideas and ‘solutions’.

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