Torn in Two

This first week back has not gone the way I had hoped, I feels like my productivity levels have dipped and I am struggling to bump up the numbers I am familiar with. When specifically speaking about Subject and what has been done this week, honestly I cannot say much…

Lets get onto what is required of us for the upcoming presentations with our chosen tutors for the year.


October 4th – Minimum

This should be a presentation of your research to date. As a minimum your viva should include:

– Your Identification of your initial problem
– Your Discovery process – Primary and Secondary Research
– Your Identification of a Need for a New Design / Gap in the market
– Your Revised Brief

November 1st – Minimum

– Research surrounding your gap in the market i.e. your analysis of existing products etc.
– Your efforts to meet the need through divergent ideation
– Your analysis of your initial Ideas
– Initial Concepts – 2D & 3D

December 6th – Minimum

– Research surrounding your gap in the market i.e. your analysis of existing products etc.
– Concept Design
– Detailed Design
– Design For Manufacture
– Design Selection & Development
– This work should be 2D & 3D

So it seems like what is required is, essentially a problem topic solidified and research surrounding that topic…and the lovely problem I am currently having is two interesting ideas that I would love to go and explore.

The first topic that I spoke about is the preventable deaths caused to animals by human general waste, I spoke about this during the week tasks where in groups we were asked to gain feedback from our peers and insight into our perspectives. These tasks were very helpful as I gained some interesting paths that could be explored to possible expand what thinking is being had through the design process.

For the tutor groups as I had chosen Theo I knew that the project was going to gain some real grounding and interesting perspectives because of his background. The problem I am having is the more I communicate with my peers, the more ideas I have that I feel have some potential.

The second Idea I have centres around communication through non visual formats and the focus of texture within design and what use texture could have in forming thinking and feelings.

Sound vague? Aye. Until I finalise one of the two ideas, I shan’t be discussing the details, but in terms of this Wednesday presentation I feel the most sensible thing for me to do is create a presentation for both ideas and discuss in the group whats the best idea for me because I am completely torn at this moment in time.

 The positive for this Wednesdays presentation is that Theo has told me to stay within the problem space for a week, to allow me to gain information into the topics. There isn’t an idea deliverable for the first presentation and it will be rather informal.

I am confident that following on from Wednesday, I will have the topic that will be taken forward for the year. A little hiccup in the road? Perhaps, but better now than in a few months.



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