Root Cause

With this being my final year I have found that we really have been let go, the safety net has been stripped from under me and I am on my last life. What I mean by this is through all projects this year we are expected to be free thinkers and form the beginning, middle and end to our work without much support.

Currently I am struggling to grasp this new found reality, what if I fail miserably?

I still use the lecturers as a means of bouncing ideas off of, I have found that I rely far too much on the words of those higher up the ranks than I. Confidence plays a part with this completely, the idea that I will pursue a topic without the ‘okay’ and confirmation means I have too much freedom and lend myself to only being able to blame myself if all fails…


I haven’t much to update about the thesis, currently I am standing at fourteen literature references that come accompanied with my personal critical thinking, along with a few interesting online articles that will feed within the thesis and give it some context for important chapters.


Is this enough? I suppose the saying does go ‘Quality over Quantity’…we shall see.


What I have found from the first week group tutorial with Sarah is that many of us are at different stages in our thesis development and we shouldn’t really compare ourselves to those around us. From some feedback on the thesis structure I created, It was suggested that I stop reading any further, until I have the first draft submitted on October the 31st.

I have found from reading about the topic of critical design and sustainability that I have a tendency to go off into tangents and end up at a completely different topic that could have a chapter written. I need to stop and just begin the writing of what current research I have, then I will be able to see what needs to be included and what isn’t relevant.

Going forward I believe it is in my best interests to use the Tuesday as my time to write the thesis draft, I also believe that its an advantage for me if I schedule a few all nighters to get ahead of time, I have found that time is what defeats us all with deadlines so I hope to take advantage of time.

I have the thesis structure so there should be no issues with completing this draft ahead of schedule, well, apart from word count…I may require fifteen thousand rather than ten thousand.


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