Into the Abyss

I figure the thesis updates will be posted every two weeks or so, this being due to juggling projects.

So far I must say that the progress on my thesis has not been what I expected. I seem to have so much information that I simply do not know where to start or place any of it, this seems like a ridiculous statement but what I need to do for the October 31st formative feedback is just throw all of the information into the document, read over it and ensure it flows and then submit. I have found myself on a number of occasions sitting at my desk staring at the same small paragraph over and over wondering how I could better word the damn thing.

If I just throw everything at it, I will be able to make it look pretty following the formative feedback.

How well am I honestly doing for this thesis?

I must tell you, I am happy with the research I have, I am happy with how the thesis should be structured but I am just worried that I will be unable to finish the bugger. I need to set aside part of my week where I blast the soundtrack to Interstellar and just delve into the pit that is my research.

I wonder if ten thousand words is truly enough for me to get my point across, but then sometimes I wonder how on earth I will find the words. What a pickle.

I have the introduction, meant to be around fifteen hundred words, I currently have one thousand. Within my introduction I explain critical design through existing products and at the moment I have explained two, I am hoping for three examples. I have found that the idea of an unbiased thesis is truly impossible, writing the first chapter was where I found this out…awkward. Chapter three, do not get me started. Psychology and Cognition to cover within two thousand or so words….I need around five thousand for psychology alone!

Tangents are amazing for project work, they lead you to extraordinary things.

Tangents within thesis research….abort. abort. abort.

I have gone from writing a thesis on critical design to feeling like the only way we are able to sustain the planet is by humans becoming extinct.

Could I slip that opinion within this thesis? I mean….I may as well right?

I must say I am happy to use this format of blogging to express how the current projects are panning out, this format allows for me to think about what I am currently doing and whilst typing these words I begin to form new ideas for how I will approach difficult tasks. It is as if I give something and receive something also.

I am confident that when I emerge from the abyss that is my research, I will have a solid foundation for the formative feedback which, inevitably, will be critiqued and torn apart for me to retrieve and improve upon for the January hand-in.

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