Following on from an uncertain future, I have arrived at an idea that I will press forward with, that being the afterlife.

…A few days earlier…

I went into the meeting of the 20th carrying one hundred post it notes with ideas written on each. Following on from Todd I lay my ideas out on the table and go through most of them, I can tell that from not presenting for a few months I am still finding it difficult with explaining ideas efficiently.

During the meeting Theo gave some solid advise, he suggested that I take the one hundred ideas and run them through a simulation of sorts. Does ‘idea one’ fit within the timeline/journey of the topic and if not, discard. Repeat the process. The one thing about having tutor groups with Theo, he can flip a switch on an idea and completely leave you dumbfounded.

E.g. he took the idea for prosthetic’s, (I can tell you now that what I imagined were animal limbs made from the waste debris in the seas..beautiful forms..beautiful process). This coming from the introduction to Studio Swine and their projects, I highly recommend you take a look at Gyrecraft and Hair Highway as that is the quality that I wish to achieve for this project.

I am paraphrasing here, he says, there are bad things that happen with current plastic waste, and there are good things that happen with prosthetics (dogs with wheels). Could you switch positions on those things? Packaging that when it goes out into the environment becomes a positive rather than a negative, through happenstance.

Literal nuclear bomb.

I guess I left the tutor group on the 20th with a new perspective on the idea and a definite headache. As a group, we were told to begin concept designing so that is what I did. With 30 pages of solid research at my disposal I believed I had enough information that could guide me through the concept stage. This was false, but that was only realized during the meeting on the 25th.

So we arrive at the 25th. basic form sketches in one hand, a laptop in the other. I explain that with only thesis deadlines approaching not much has progressed, this was fine. I believe from the way I am presenting during these meetings there could be a sign that I do not know a lot about the subject area I am investigating. I only say this because once I was finished talking about where I was with the project, I was told that I needed to further my research. Granted, Theo was correct with this statement, but I do believe that my communication skills must improve for the Viva 2.0 on the 1st of November.

I have been told to fully jump into the topic at hand, take a look at species I could be designing for in terms of the afterlife, the timeline affected with these species also. Interesting discussion actually, Theo began speaking about the overpopulation of the cane toad with Australia, extremely interesting by the way. Now at the time I am thinking to myself, what on earth has this got to do with my project, but seeing as my mind was being blown at the time…its understandable that it did not occur to me. Only later on whilst speaking to Todd did I realize that he was discussing the possibility of changing the Eco system if species numbers are saved/decreased through the products I make.

Now, Currently I have twenty-five pages of research on the Eco system, species’ that could be looked into for the design process and information concerning existing projects out there. The one important thing that stuck with me from the meeting with Theo was when he said that this idea for a project could already exist. This threw me a little, the idea that an idea I have delved into for so long could just pop up on the first few pages of a google search really has stuck with me.

Luckily, I have not currently found a project that does what I intend to do.

There are variations however. (Slides taken from the presentation for the 1st of Nov_):






This project really stuck with me, I had thought my initial idea had been done when I saw this. Luckily, although a phenomenal project, it does not have the same intentions as I.







Now the last two projects shown are more within the realm of Artistry and not design, I do, however, believe they are relevant. The two projects produce a form, one being the paper with paint and the other being man-made objects. The artists then allow for the insects to create what they please, total freedom with that the species’ do and that is the beauty of the projects, this is kind of where I want my project to conclude. I would like to give species’ something (a form) that then everything from that point happens from happenstance.


A beautiful project from Hubert Duprat where the everyday objects that a larvae would use for its casing was replaces with nothing but gold flakes, jewels and other expensive accessories for the insect to use for its case. If you can imagine this insect using the waste of a product, this is where I would have taken this project using the species. It has been difficult trying to find another species that collects objects or uses them for its survival.


I should discuss what species I have been looking at.



Whilst discussing the possibilities for the outcomes, the idea for a shell that lasts 600 years was mentioned. Now prior any specific research on Hermit Crabs I thought this was just an ‘out there idea’ but I have found that the drilled crab shells cause the species to become vulnerable to predators like the green crab and one of the reasons for the species to change shells, the others being either they get bullied out by larger crabs or they grow too big and must find larger accommodation.

The holes form from the predatory moonsnail which uses an acid secretion to burrow into the Hermit crabs shell.



Apologies as the direct source is only available through a university login.

The title of the paper is Factors selecting for avoidance of drilled shells by the hermit crab Pagurus longicarpus by Jan A. Pechenik and others







Source: Buczacki, S. (2002) Fauna Britannica. Hamlyn, London.


Source: Jakobsson, S., B. Borg, C. Haux and S.J. Hyllner, 1999. An 11-ketotestosterone induced kidney-secreted protein: the nest building glue from male three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus. Fish Physiol. Biochem. 20:79-85.

The focus of this research is to determine the journey that this project would take, with outlining the predators and prey of the species I am able to create a timeline for when my ‘solution’ hits the environment and what effects it could have on the population and the food chain.


I must say that there is still quite a bit of research to go through, speaking on Wednesday Theo suggested that I take a look at marine life, birds and insects for the project…with the first two in full swing I am currently struggling to find species of insects that collect objects for their own use…the project already shown was of the Caddisfly Larvae and unfortunately a beautiful project was already done with the species.

Perhaps by the time I have written another post I would have found my missing link, but for now I am currently at two. For the 1st of November concept ideas are required for the Viva 2.0, currently I am nowhere near the concept stage. I am feeling like this project is being a little rushed with ‘pass or fail’ deadlines as they have been described. I am hoping to present my findings with concept designs but at the same time I am aware that rushing the process will inevitably ensure my project dies a brutal death.

Until next time,




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