I have resurfaced. From the Abyss I come with new information and a new position with this thesis. I have found this deadline to be somewhat…tedious. I would love to say that I will have the entire ten thousand word thesis to submit for formative marking but unfortunately this is not the case. Dont get me wrong, by no means am I struggling with this thesis, if anything I am enjoying the topic far too much that I keep exploring and going off onto tangents.

For this October formative deadline the minimum we are able to submit is around two thousand words, I currently have just under five written, this being published on the 29th of October and the deadline being the 31st. An activity I shall be taking part in is another all nighter, this should allow me to add at least another one thousand or two thousand words to what I currently have.

I am trying to think about what I am learning from all of this thesis work, I must say that the structure I created for the thesis during the holidays has been a bible of sorts for me, I have been able to stick to this pretty well. I believe the best way that I have been able to improve is by having my peers proof read my work during select stages, their feedback has helped a lot with the structuring and vocabulary used within the thesis. I guess you could say I am learning about how fast time can really go, we were told that this final year would go rather fast but my god I did not believe it would be this fast. I seem to begin the days early, usually around 7am I arrive, but still not get much work done throughout the day. I can sit there for a good three or four hours and get perhaps five hundred words done. Very unproductive.

I have made progress with the chapter briefs for the thesis, I believe I have mentioned this before but at the end of each chapter I will be creating a brief for myself based upon the topic. The outcome of the project will be shown through a two-dimensional sketch or illustration. I currently have the brief for both ‘Psychology & Cognition’ and ‘Sustainability’, so do look out for that. I would like to have a really nice illustration of the critical projects, perhaps a professional real life image done through Photoshop. I must make clear that the chapter titles are still TBC as they seem rather boring in their current state. I want something that will interest the reader.

This kind of illustration is what I will probably end up with

I am guessing that whilst our thesis is being assessed formally, we are meant to continue the work without any break. I believe I will continue straight on from the assessment, it will allow me more time for proof reading and editing the paper after the final draft is reached.

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