I have found using Word to write my thesis on has been such a time consuming effort whilst switching to and fro chapters and paragraphs. After some deliberation I have chosen to use Google Docs from now on, I am able to switch to sections of the thesis with such ease.

Cheers, Todd.


Now, the formative assessment feedback has returned.

After taking a look at the comments about my 6000+ word submission, I feel as though the comments are justified and a lot of work will need to be done from now till the January deadline.

‘Grammatical error’, something brought up more than once, an example: designs, or design’s.

This will be sorted out, I believe it could have come from the late nights working on the document, nevertheless, a stupid error.

Solution: Proof-reading.


Currently, from the comments, I am working towards a very good result for the thesis.

This must change and be improved if I wish to get within the 80% – 100% range come the summative. 


I was going to pick up the thesis during the Christmas break, this would give me the time to fully delve into my subject work. I have found, however, that a break from Subject is healthy if I wish for the project to keep being exciting for me. I believe I will continue working on the Thesis two or three days a week, the rest being spent on Subject.

So far, the projects I am undertaking are going well.

No Stress.




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