Concept Development

On the 31st of January all third years were introduced to a 48 hour project in collaboration with Zest 4 Leisure, a garden furniture company. The introduction was presented by a recent graduate Luke Roberts who is currently working on projects for the company.

The briefing for this project was rather straightforward, we were asked to design a new Garden Planter/Grow Own, a Garden Archer/ Arbour, and finally, Garden Furniture. All three.

The aims for the project, to be flat pack, easy to build and must be made from pine; a material widely used by the company which is exported from Poland.

The market; Garden proud individuals, Convenience gardeners, and/or Families.


For the outcome of this project I aimed for the responses to be interesting and challenging to the company, after all, the company did state that they were trying to innovate and become the market leaders. To become this requires challenging what exists.

Below you can see three concept designs for the briefing, the preferred response being the ‘Natural Lego’ which originally came from David Todd. 

Natural Lego - With CommentsNature PodBeer Garden Urinal

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the second day of the project so it was at this stage where the project ended for me. I have continued to develop the ideas as I believe there is some potential in what has been presented (above).

I believe that this project, although short, offered great opportunity in developing concept sketches. I believe that focusing on this skill and improving will be instrumental for post-graduate opportunities. I am not happy with where I am currently for concept development, however, with the more time I spend sketching, the more I will improve moving forward.

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