Rise and Shine

Field has begun, an additional project to coexist with Subject till the deadline of May 11th. I shall get right into the recent history of this module. The first lecture involved all of the third year populous, we sat and heard about the future for us and the 12 weeks to follow. I had previously thought that the Field module had a strict ‘client’ criteria where we, as students, would require a live client to go along with the project. To my surprise, this was not the case, I must say that it was indeed a pleasant surprise.

Whilst listening to the lecture and descriptions of each project and option, I was leaning toward the first option, this meant that I could choose one project, one brief, and follow that for 12 weeks till the deadline. On the other hand, I was also interested in the second option, this would involve taking four project briefings and running them at 3 week successions. I was interested in the reward for choosing this option, I would be rewarded with quadruple the amount of work to include within my portfolio.

So I decided to choose the second option, purely for the portfolio.

I had already a few ideas for the four projects, this made the process of choosing rather straightforward.

Here are the four that I chose:

Sustainable BBQ – Design a portable BBQ that uses an alternative energy source to bottled gas or charcoal.

Big Data – What is the next new physical product development which harnesses ‘big data’?

Student Choice – Design your own 3 week project or a relevant competition entry.

The Great Outdoors – Design a space at the back of CSAD (including new furniture design) that provides a quiet area for reflection, and connecting back with nature.


Sustainable BBQ-ing, the first project. At the beginning of the project, I wanted to continue with a critical look at problems/briefings so I conjured up this idea of kinesthetic learning. Humans are known to learn well through ‘doing’ – I wished to propose that we devolve the technology of a BBQ and revert back to paleolithic technologies. Through using this ‘BBQ’, the user would be able to understand their elemental connection with nature and the natural world.

I had the belief that the response to this brief was both interesting and provocative, However, I had not thought about the ‘real world’ implications of this. During the first meeting with my Field tutor, Theo, it was mentioned that this idea was definitely not a ‘commercial product’.

Following on from this meeting the thought stuck with me, the idea of all projects being critical/speculative/not commercial. I became rather worried at the thought of not showcasing my commercial capabilities during the third and final year. This is where I made the decision to abort what was presented during the first tutorial. To confirm this decision, I reached out to Theo to discuss the change in project journeys and he was very enthusiastic and gave some positive feedback regarding where to go from there, he also suggested that I ‘just go for it’ in regards to decisions conjured up and expressed rather than asking for permission to do so.


So where am I now?

Affirmative Design.


I have decided to use this BBQ brief for the deliverables that include the DFMA board, Hero Board and Problem Board. All A2. I believe that this brief will showcase my skills in meeting requirements to such affirmative design briefings.

Affirmative not being used as a negative connotation.


I am currently within the first week of the three, I am finding the process for this briefing to run smoother when accompanied by a research partner, a fellow peer undertaking the same briefing with opposing responses. I shan’t divulge the response I am currently working on, but, I do believe it to be an interesting angle when discussing alternative energy sources to gas and charcoal.

More will follow in the coming days and weeks, I have a plan of action that, if executed correctly, should see me being ahead on time when it comes to beginning the second project in three weeks time.

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