A Portable Barbecue

Some time had past since I have posted an update to the Field project that I am currently working within. I shall try to keep this to the point and interesting.

As mentioned in my previous posted, I began this project attempting to challenge the briefing set by responding with an alternative take but as I began to question myself I formulated a new route to take forward, a route towards affirmative design.

Whilst researching into competition, alternative energies, and possible innovative options, I realized that Solar was the outlined favourite energy on the market today. Quite frankly, the market for solar powered barbecues is rather dense. I also found that the other alternative energy sources, Hydro, Geothermal, Wind, were all too ludicrous to theorize as being part of a portable barbecue for a commercial market.

Solar was by far the most grounded and realistic response.

Now, following this decision on my behalf, I began to look at alternative ways of using Solar energies. I came across Solar to Electric (Charging), Solar to Ignition (Fire), and Solar to Heat (Temperature).

I personally preferred to stay clear of Solar to Heat, this because the market is full of variations of this system, a system where a barbecue conducts the suns heat and cooks food within a few hours. If I chose this system, I would be redesigning an all-ready perfect design.


I chose Solar to Ignition, the practice of using the sun to harness fire.

But how does this work?

A Fresnel Lens /Frei-nel/

Perhaps a common example of this could be lighthouses, or magnifying glasses.

giphy (2)
The Fresnel Lens

Already shown within videos of homemade lens’ that measure far too large for portability, this method of harnessing fire is often used by professional travelers or those accustomed with the technology.

So, let us move swiftly on to Ideation! Below are a range of images that showcase refined concepts, I shall keep the rough ideation sketches private and for the presentation in May.


This concept is very similar to the final design
Armadillo Shell BBQ.2
Experimenting with different ways of using the lens and hiding it whilst the BBQ is lit.
backpack bbq
The backpack concept, one of my favourites
Armadillo Shell BBQ
Another iteration of the second image shown.

I must say that the most difficult part of this project thus far has been working out which market I want my product to be marketed towards. I have found that questions have arose from several sources regarding the market but I am confident in my decision that I will propose.

Currently, I am coming to the end of the final week of this project, meaning I must really start finalizing all aspects of the project. I will showcase the design presentation below, subject to small changes I should add.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 14.10.55
In Context
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 16.06.48 (1)
The Hero Board
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 16.06.48
Exploded View + Bill of Materials.

I believe this final week has proved rather productive, I have the model to begin and complete but I am confident that it is doable within the foreseeable future.


I begin the second project this Monday 5th of March, there I will start ‘The Great Outdoors’ and what it has to offer me. I look forward to sharing further developments in the not so distant future.



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