GEAR: The Automatic/Manual Drill

The GEAR drill is focused on the needs of the DIY Hobbyist. Through constant communication with those who identify themselves with this market it was made clear that function certainly follows form. This product attracts the DIY Hobbyist as there is a need for a drill that can finish the job without needing to waste time with battery packs that have died. The GEAR drill is different from other products on the market as it has incorporated an additional manual function, this means the product can be used in its automatic form or in its manual form using the driving gear attachment.

logo white12

The specialized freewheel component modifies the existing internal components to be fully functioning. This product was designed to meet the specifications of the initial brief, the company associated with manufacturing the product believes strongly in socially responsible design. This drill has been designed to challenge the idea of consumerism and sustainability, the designed drill which incorporates a manual function makes the product a fully sustainable tool through the key feature. During the market research stage I found that a common problem discussed was the battery life, there was a clear concern for their not being a long enough charge for the jobs that were being undertaken by the users.

drill with battery on the side.91

logo white13

The manual function was applied to this electric drill because this would allow for the users to continue working on their projects even following the battery pack dying from a day’s work. The aesthetic of the drill was very important throughout the design process, it was decided that the drill would be an off white due to form of the product not being to main focus but the functionality. The warm red pallet indicates the interaction points on the drill, sections of the drill where the user would use on a regular basis. It was also added to the drill as a nice addition to the formerly grey scale model, this splash of colour gives the drill some specific points of interest when seen within an environment.

logo white14

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