POD: The Great Outdoors

POD (left) is a series of outdoor sculptures, designed to age gracefully with the environment. An embodiment of natures relationship with Humanity. This project was an exploration into materiality, age and degradation, presenting an outdoor secluded space which would allow the occupier to become part of, and hide away from the parts of the world they want to escape.




Encased in Welsh Slate, one pod is designed to gradually fade away over the years till it finally reveals the ‘enslaved’pod. This design is a metaphor for how mankind has enslaved nature, this raindrop form is ‘enslaved’ by a perfect cube of slate. It is now up to nature to release itself from the chain, whether it takes years or decades, nature will eventually break free. Nature always breaks free.



Similar to the Welsh Slate, one pod is ‘enslaved‘ by a cube of used Railroad Ties, a subtle hint to the Welsh history of coal mining deep within the valleys, a connection to coal mining that is still visible today as the River Taff runs directly outside the CSAD Building. The two pods encased within these perfect cubes may not seem beautiful immediately, but as time goes by, years or decades, the beauty will begin to show itself as nature attempts to free the pod from its chains.



This pod, over time, will begin to form a natural aesthetic from the constant exposure to the environment

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